May 06, 2024

Political polygamy: Govs’ spouses battle for First Lady role - Victor Ayeni

The office of the First Lady in Nigeria, created by many governors, has become a hotly coveted title among some state governors who have more than one wife, as the rivalry between their wives spills into the public space.

No confusion, Titilola is Osun First Lady - Adeleke’s spokesperson says

The Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has clarified that his wife, Titilola, is the first lady of the state.

Fatal ends: How hardship fuels mistrust, deadly domestic violence among migrant couples - Victor Ayeni

how financial problems, limited social support, and accusations of infidelity often trigger domestic violence among Nigerian migrant couples. 

How the craze for popularity drives risky pranks among disparate content creators - Victor Ayeni

Extreme stunts, pranks, and skits by content creators are exposing citizens to potential health hazards, injuries and deaths. In January, a Nigerian skit maker, who was simply identified as Churchill, embarked on filming a stunt as part of a video content for his fans.

Hullabaloo Over Northern Governors’ Trip To Washington - Gambo Dori

Ten northern governors’ trip to the USA at the invitation of the Washington-based United States Institute of Peace (USIP) raised a lot of dust in the media here. The purpose of the trip was lampooned ceaselessly on social media from one end of the country to the other.
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