December 30, 2019

Checkout ‘Never Seen’ Adorable Throwback Pictures Of Singer Teni Before Becoming A Plus Size (Photos)

Here is a throwback photo of singer Teni Entertainer which shows that her tomboy dress code isn’t all she has always been known for. The picture shows her rocking bum shorts and a belt wrapping her belly. But these days, the singer can’t be found rocking any of those. Her dress code since she broke into the limelight has been strictly masculine in nature. This has made some quarters label her a closet lesbian. Recently, the talented singer stated that she would rather invest her money in houses and lands instead of spending it on designer clothes. This she did in response to a Twitter user who stated that most celebrities in Nigeria can’t afford real designer clothes.
He tweeted:
Most Nigerian celebs can’t afford real designers. I said what I said.
In reaction, Teni whose dress concept gets heavily criticized revealed that most can actually afford such but would rather spend it on assets that appreciate in life.‘some can, but they’ll rather buy houses, lands and invest in something their generations can benefit from’, she tweeted.
Photos Below: