December 25, 2019

Esabod - Making money at 19,Self made Millionaire at 32...Oops!

Born into the prestigious Aboderin family of Ibadan which was a polygamous setting. I went to Yejide girls secondary school as an only child of my mother but one of the many of my father. Growing up was quite eventful from one mischief to another being a Christian home my parents couldn't bring themselves to come to terms with the fact that I love our culture am always at the masquerade festivals coupled with the fact that our house is centrally located at isale bode right in the nerve centre of traditional culture worship made it more readily accessible for me but more importantly, was the inquisitiveness and the beauty of these festivals that still makes me nostalgic anytime I remember those good old days. 
Right from my youth, I have always worked hard I was never lazy. I started earning and making money from the young age of 19. I bought my first car a Marina with my own money when I was 20. I was into business right from my youth at the age of 21 I had my very own shop in Ibadan. Making money was never a problem it's just that it doesn't last as at then I was working at the federal ministry of works tollgate Ibadan. By 24 I was already married with 2 children It was from my earnings from the tollgate job that I used in paying for my visa and ticket to travel abroad. I single-handedly paid for it. I didn't go to any extended family member or my step-siblings for help or beg for money its not my style moreover I wasn't raised that way. Am very fashionable I love 18-carat gold which I have been wearing as far back as the 70's and till date.

Ile labo si mi oko

On getting to England aged 24 I worked hard learnt how to smoke cigarettes which I really love life was good. Fast forward to 1990 with 3 million Naira in my UBA account and a hundred thousand pounds I came back to Nigeria as a returnee coming back home to invest in the economy I bought shops at Gbagi market in Ibadan selling clothes which were kind-of hereditary my grandma was a cloth merchant and so also was my mother-in-law. In obedience to my parents advise that north, south, east, west home is still the best I fully settled down-home in 1991. I have always wanted to be a clothes merchant so I met with mama Fafowora my classmate's mum she advised me not to buy shops in gbagi but instead be travelling abroad importing clothes and selling at wholesales will be more suitable for me but I didn't see reason in their words of wisdom she was the second person to give such words of wisdom first was Alhaji YK Abass but I guess truth is bitter within a split-seconds alas! I went bankrupt lost everything started driving my car as a cab to earn a living selling it off and head back to England.
Unfortunately, I was deported at the point of entry in Germany on getting back to Ibadan abracadabra the passport varnished!!. Indeed I was kicked down but I didn't stay down I found my passport after a year!. I later travelled with Iya sango. This experience taught me that at times going back home is not really the best why not make where you are home. Because from my experience I went back home to invest in all kinds of business still all to no avail not until I decided to make where am at geographically home then the Lord opened my heaven. Moreover, the socio-political environment of Nigeria plus the economic instability and insecurity is making it worse by the day.
In conclusion, what's your take is home still the best for you based on your experience or that of other people around you she ile labo simi oko?
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