December 30, 2019

Woman caused airport commotion, storms a Night Club with her massive butt

A Ghanaian woman caused a commotion at the airport as her uncontrollably shaking backside attracted a crowd to pursue her as walked past people. As the woman walked by, showing off her massive behind, people crowded behind her, attempting to take a picture or make a video of the dramatic movement of her massive butt. The lady has been identified as IG model, Jaye Love after the video from the airport in Ghana went viral. According to details from her Instagram page, Jay Love is a “DJ, Model and Entertainer”.
After causing a commotion at Kotoka Airport, Jaye Love, the Ghanaian woman endowed with massive backside got invited to shake her behind at a night club. Jaye Love was spotted in the club jamming and dancing to popular Ghanaian songs and Ghanaian men stood watching as they could not get enough of her soft as$. Some almost tried to have a feel of the nyash. The most patronized Disc Jockey while in the night club shook her Tundra happily thereby rising the ‘d*cks’ of guys present. See the video below. 

Jaye Love, the woman who caused commotion with her Massive backside at an airport in Ghana yesterday was later hosted at a night club.

Away from Sodom and Gomorrah, Obasanjo and Kiki

Ghanaian woman with massive backside cause commotion at the airport

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