January 23, 2020

Amotekun: Tinubu Neither here nor There - Twitter reacts

The statement of the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, on the southwest security outfit codenamed Amotekun, has attracted more knocks than kudos from Nigerians on social media. Tinubu, on Wednesday, after so much criticism, broke his silence on the raging debate on Amotekun, the regional security outfit established by governors of the six southwest states – Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Ondo. The former governor had said contrary to claims in some quarters, the security outfit is not a threat to national unity. He didn’t condemn Amotekun neither did he fault the position of the Federal Government which declared the security outfit is illegal. The APC leader called for a dialogue between FG and the proponents of the security outfit. The statement has sparked reactions on social media with many criticising the former Lagos governor of not taking a position and “sitting on the fence”.Popular social media commentator, Demola Olanrewaju in a thread of tweets wrote:
“This statement is filled with too many subs at imaginary haters that the real substance is lost in the midst of all the angst and chest-thumping. Tinubu needed to give assurances to, and receive clearance from his overlords before he could release this mumbo-jumbo, shame.
“If others from across the country had not spoken before now, if we had to wait for Tinubu to speak before a courageous stand was taken, if everyone was being cautious with their political future and pussy-footing: would the convo not have died? Shame on those who believe in him.
“Performing like a trapeze artist in a circus balancing this side and that side, seeking to offend none and to appease all: is this your leader?? Tinubu is an example of an unscrupulous politician whose politics is never guided by ideals or principles, only ambition.
“Imagine being of that age and still afraid to speak your mind boldly on national issues by conviction  Fayemi that spoke up, he doesn’t have ambition after Ekiti governorship? Or Akeredolu isn’t going to need APC for a second term ticket? Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a joke.
”Some supporters of the former governor also defended his position:
Bola Tinubu has called for a dialogue between the AGF Malami and the South west Governors. Tinubu warns of a major implication of extreme thoughts on the Amotekun experiment......

Thank You Asiwaju..... πŸ‘.... We told them but they are more interested in playing to the gallery.

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Loathe or Love Tinubu, He is a wise man. Every piece of this statement was filled with wisdom... Supporters and Opposers alike of Amotekun will come off feeling like they won after reading this peace, Yet in all Jagaban has neither supported nor opposed it! Tricky!
Bola Tinubu tried so hard to balance his opinion on Operation Amotekun by supporting the federal government, and the efforts of the South-West governors. Bend to the left, bend to the right. Sharp man.
The greatest threat to peaceful existence are individuals whose personal ambition is bigger than the interest of the masses. For many in the SW, Tinubu's stand on Amotekun is a representation of this ideology
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Γ€mΓ²tΓ©kΓΉn development in D West has shown us D truth about D regions leaders. D deafening silence of @ProfOsinbajo , Ashiwaju Tinubu, Fashola & D rest of them, speaks eloquently of D quality of their leadership. THEY ARE READY TO SACRIFICE THEIR PEOPLE'S INTEREST FOR PATRONAGE!
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The finesse and adroitness in the way he approaches political matters is one key reason why he is present today at the apogee of political stratosphere of Nigeria. Tinubu is a sage. The first step to winning a war is to notice the smartness of your enemy. He is not 4rm Southeast!
Reading the whole script. I can deduce that he wasn't direct with his answer. He only attack his opponents that wanna drag his utterance unto the mud reason why he was silent. I think he gave no reasonable reply to the Amotekun

me,this isn't a Yes or No

He took no sides.That is the problem with our politician. His ambition is more valuable than the lives of the people whom he will govern if he is to be the President. This is gross negligence of duty..I can't say much, he has Mobile policemen and thugs to his advantage.
This our politician ehn? I know it will come to this especially those inThe south. As far as am concern,he has not said anything regarding this issue.i see this statement as being careful not to provoke the north cos of his political ambition in 2023.
This speech is a goldmine for Critical Discourse Analysis student. Verbose but with vague, equivocal expressions. Neither here nor there. Pandering to everybody from both sides of the divide.

Politricks at its peak. πŸ™Œ

Rubbish answer. Yes or No and you are there being diplomatic. How do you handle a case of people dying because of poor security on part of the govt. Does it call for a diplomatic answer or hitting the nail on the head?
This statement is so vaque that I didn't understand his stand. Bola Tinubu seems to be standing in the middle if my brain guides me well. What a clever man! He no wan offend anyone as a desperado Presidential candidate.
Look at how he ended up saying nothing, busy beating around without condemning or supporting what should be condemned or supported.

Simple question:
“Sir, excusing the hasty design of Amotekun, if corrected, do you support its creation to be legalized at the houses of assembly?

This man is pure politician! He refuse to speak before protecting his 2023 ambition even if it will not bcm reality and now he decided to speak to also gain his people support.