January 25, 2020

Anita Joseph releases pre-wedding photos

It is no longer news that controversial actress and mum of one, Anita Joseph will be exchanging the marital vow with her lover, MC Fish on the 14th of February, 2020, that is Valentine’s day.
Sharing the first set of their prewedding photos, moments ago on Instagram.
Anita Joseph wrote:
“The moment I laid my eyes on you my world changed…
All I could see was beauty around me...
All I felt was pure bliss…

Thank you for loving me and protecting me

You believe in me even when I doubt my self
You give me the strength to go on
Because of you, this world is a better place
Because of you am a better Woman

You are the stars in my sky and the sun to my world

Am on Cloud nine every time am with you 
And the baby in me comes out

Thank you for being You you a Good Man (my gee)
May JEHOVAH ELOHIM bless you and
Whatever you touch turns to Gold may you know no pain nor Sorrow…
Your paths are blessed your legs are sanctified

The LORD is your Protection … in JESUS NAME AMEN

 I Love you, my King, I really do LOVE YOU

Whatever you were telling me here I love it. “
More photos below;
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