January 21, 2020

Chachang! Mayegun K1 spent over N400 million on his Maiyegun party

It has been revealed that the most sought-after and highly paid Fuji Musician of the Year 2019, Kwam 1 spent over N400million on his recently held Maiyegun party!
Yes, you read that right.
He reportedly spent over N9million on drinks, N200million on his Rolls Royce Ghost Limousine, millions on the 20 different celebrity caterers that handled the food, N1million lace for his first appearance as well as on the other outfits he changed into, like his Dansiki and Kember Luxury Damask.
Abiola Orisile gives an account of the classy party thus:
Days after the party it is still the most talked-about party that declared the year open/ It was not just classy, the new Maiyegun of the Yorubaland spent over N400 million naira to make sure he had the best party in town.
Of course, the Fuji King, always makes sure he does his things to detail. He is known to be one of the big men who spare no cost to make sure their parties are classy. Not many could forget the wedding of his 3 daughters’ which literally shut down Ijebu-Ode for hours a few years back. It was one of its kind in terms of how much was spent to make sure the weddings were grand.
That was one of the reasons many jostled for the Royal blue luxury invites of the Mayeguns Title immediately the Alaafin of Oyo made known his decision to install the Fuji Lord.
You may likely ask how we arrived at the 400million naira which we said that K1 spent on his new title. Don’t forget that the Fuji Living legend bought his Rolls Royce Ghost, which costs over 200million naira. He took delivery of his latest toy a few days to his installation. The Fuji maestro ordered the car in December immediately after Alaafin Of Oyo sent a letter of his intention to install him as the Maiyegun of Yorubaland.

He took delivery of the car at his Ijebu palatial mansion a few days before the ceremony. The brand new car has a starting price of over N200 million in Nigeria. This price includes the costs of shipping and clearing. It joins other luxury cars in K1’s garage. Don’t forget that K1 has eyes for good and luxury automobiles. He works so hard and spares no cost when it comes to spoiling himself. The fuji Czar drove to the ancient Oyo palace in his latest toy with unique engine features. Rolls Royce Ghost has a powering modified BMW N74 V12 engine, called the N74B66. The 563hp engine allows the Ghost to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. It has an electronically limited top speed of 155.3 mph (250 km/h).
Led by beautiful horses, the Ijebu prince drove quietly with his 2 childhood friends, Alhaji Bisala and Alhaji Bolaji Basia and his Queen, Hajia Titi Fatia Opeyemi They walked hand-in-hand while several gun salutes were shot into the air to signify his arrival.
K1 spotted a white Switzerland N1 million luxury lace which was sewed into an Arabian Kaftan. The luxury Lace from his wife’s fabric store “Alfatia fabrics“ is sold for over N500 thousand for 5yards. He put on top of it a Luxury damask blended with the high and mighty aso-oke brand “Couture silk“ sold by Mrs Iyabo Ninalowo. That is where the likes of Otunba Michael Adenuga and others buy their aso-oke and damask. Her shop is located in Surulere, Lagos. The white damask complements his white million-stone Lace. Did you see his shoes? That was luxury footwear from “Roberton Calvary“. Many couldn’t help but admire his long original royal coral beads mixed with 19carat Gold bar. Raw Gold made by Lush Jewellery.
As people were engrossed in admiring the dressing that K1 spotted with price running into several millions of naira, his pretty wife, Hajia Fatia Opeyemi Adunfe Marshal, looked like a pack of diamonds as she walked hand-in-hand with her husband. She was clad in a blue-black limited Edition of Luxury Hoh velvet Lace with Border. The Lace was specially sourced by Alfatia fabrics herself. Of course, people didn’t expect anything less than the best, knowing that she is one of the most sought-after HOH fabric merchants in Lagos.
Her HOH lace was adorned with a Luxury Fabian Manolo shoes and bag worth over 400 thousand naira while her neck glittered throughout as she walked beaming with smiles beside her husband. She rocked a raw 18carat Gold metal with a touch of diamond mixed with natural precious gems stones. The Gold is worth over 3million naira. Don’t forget that K1’s wife sells Gold too and she carefully sourced for the best collections of 18carat Gold for the event.
While his wife rocked only one attire worth more than a million naira. Baba Oloye stepped out again in a luxury Yellow damask sewed into the royal Lagos white-capped chiefs style called “Aropale“. It is a classy way in which Lagos High Chiefs dressed for royal events. 
What about K1’s choice of drinks for his Mayegun installation party? Well, he bought Luxury exotic wines for the super-rich Naija big boys. City People investigation revealed that he spent nothing less than 9million naira on wine. He doesn’t just take any type of wine and his choice of wine has always been luxury Hennessy “Loius viii“ worth 1.8million naira. This was what he bought for the super-rich big boys who came to honour him. What about other wines like VSOP Hennessy, Moet Champagne, Crystals to mention a few, they flowed like rainwater.
He also got the best celebrity food vendors like Ice Box, Swallow It, Malas, Laredo, to mention a few to cater to a large number of guests. They all came to Oyo a day before the event. Food and drinks were served until the wee hours of the day when most guests had left their seats to take their rest in their hotels. Not only were all the Hotels in Oyo, Ibadan fully booked, the ceremony also boosted the social and economic activities of the ancient town of Oyo.