January 03, 2020

Debate about sexualization of women ensues as Twitter user exposes her boobs while wearing a sheer top (+18)

A woman shared a photo of her bare breasts which were visible beneath her sheer top and this led to an argument on Twitter. Some who commented pointed out that by exposing her boobs on Twitter, the woman was exposing herself to being abused and sexualized by men. But others said boobs aren't meant to be sexualized because they are meant for feeding babies. Some also said it was all about self-control. They pointed out that women walk about in skimpy bikini abroad yet their men exercise self-control and do not go about abusing them. They added that our great grandmothers moved with their breasts out in their time and it was seen as normal. But others argued that if you put yourself in a position to be abused, then you deserve some blame.
@Tar1807sha tweeted: "I will always say this: walk lackadaisically on the pedestrian crossing and you will get hit by a car. Yes, the driver will be prosecuted, go to jail, serve his term and guess what? He will come back and drive again. But wena, your broken legs won't come back.
"@StevenMacatsha commented: "Boobs aren't meant to be sexualised. In pre-colonial African women used to show them. I think it's cool that you're breaking 'norms' of this world we're living in today. Nice boobs though..."
@Polite_Yelwa said: "Call me whatever but this is perverted. If men were to free any of their body parts that are sexually lucrative to the other gender it would be a huge offence. But when its this gender its freedom of expression. Men continue to be oppressed as women seek to be liberated."
Read more comments below and tell which side you're on.

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