January 09, 2020

My Husband And I Have Good Sex Despite Our Old Age- Silva Joke

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, has disclosed that despite the old age of her husband Olu Jacobs and herself, they still have good sex. The legendary Actress Silva got married to Jacobs in 1989 and have been blessed with beautiful children.“I already had two children before going to the university, yet, I got harassed by a professor,” she added. On a Television interview on the Continental morning show, She spoke on issues buckling the society including her own life as a married woman. The host in curiosity asked her if her husband and herself have sex at their age, she responded that they have sex but in a way suitable to their age.“Yes, we still do the do, but in a way that is suitable for our age” she stated.
Silva, further disclosed that she was sexually harassed while in the university by a professor as a mother of two children.“This issue of sexual harassment does not have anything to do with how you dress. I didn’t want to go to university because I just wanted to do my acting thing and my parents allowed me.
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