January 06, 2020

Nigerian ladies send CVs and video applications for Twitter Big Boy who needs a girlfriend (Videos)

A Nigerian guy on Twitter named Tolu advertised that he needed a girlfriend, and encouraged ladies should send in applications and ensure to attach a short video explaining their mission in this life, they should also include a CV, cover letter & passport. 
He wrote:
I am looking for a girlfriend. Message me your one minute pitch. Be sure to capture your passion, drive, and experiences as well as anything that makes you stand out. Thank you. Reports reaching us today states that over 300 Nigerian women on Twitter sent their videos to apply for the role of a permanent girlfriend to Tolu. Nigerian guys on Twitter heard the news & took to the streets to drag those queens for many reasons including them going against their standard of “never chasing men’

--this is why Tolu and Patriarchy FC is trending

outrage as twitter user Tolu drops video tensioning the TL with his lover after asking premium twitter ladies to DM videos to audition to be his girlfriend.