January 13, 2020

Sandra Ikeji dragged for hiring 200 slippers wearing Instagram vendors bridesmaids

In the pursuit to chase clout and have a statement wedding, The Ikeji’s are being dragged on Social media for doing the most this time around. It’s no news that Sandra Ikeji set a record of having the most number of bridesmaids in the world, 200…The nearest to her according to reports is an American, who is the current Guinness Book of Records holder with 168 brides. Turns out that the large bridal train was a business making venture as Sandra allegedly made it open for as many people who were interested in buy the 15k material, Sandra Ikeji rented a huge chunk of the bridesmaids as the only condition was for them to buy the materials and sew on their own.
Eyewitnesses at the wedding alleged that some of the ladies were looking all tattered and unkempt as they wore bathroom slippers to base the dress and worn out braids and wigs. These are some nasty allegations the Ikeji sisters would be dealing with all year long and we promise to bring you all the drama that trails this gist.

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