January 07, 2020

Sandra Ikeji gets a letter as she fights dirty with her caterer Amanda Grace

Few days after the extravagant traditional wedding of Sandra Ikeji, the younger sister of popular celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, she took to her social media account to call out the caterer she contracted for the event.
Sandra traditionally tied the knot with her boo in Nkwere LGA, Imo State on the 28th of December, 2019.
However, taking to her Instagram page, Sandra accused her caterer of serving her guest overly salted and tasteless food.

She wrote: “@_amandagracescatering has the worse food ever..run as fast as you can from this caterer. Don’t book her, sour rice, salty afang, overly salted plantain, tasteless chicken. Bad service @_amandagracescatering go back to culinary or catering school, you need it. Don’t be deceived by the look of her food, it is tasteless. Post & delete.”

“Worse caterer in the East @_amandagracescatering. Always good to have a backup caterer. Thank God my mom had another caterer. When I complained she blamed her bad food on her coolers, her own coolers o.”

In her reply, the caterer shared her own side of the story and accused Sandra of withholding a balance of sixty thousand naira for her service, which she has let go.

She wrote, “Dear @sandraikeji, blocking you is the least of our worries but I believe God will vindicate me. You even had a balance of 60k to complete which I let go off after you said it should be a bonus which was not part of our initial agreement. I cooked all your dishes as you requested and you even hurried me up to come to your venue as early before 12noon. When I got to your house, your mom tasted all the dishes and packed some inside your house, there was no complaints whatsoever from her. My team and I sat at your house after displaying food in the buffet till past 5pm before food was served because you started your occasion very late because fried rice doesn’t stay that long after it’s been tampered with, it got sour and wasn’t served which we deeply apologized for. Every other dish was served and we carried empty coolers home.”
“You called me the next day to say your asheobi girls were purging and that I should give you back your money? Who does that? What will happen to the empty coolers of food I took home? How about other guests that were served? You mean I should refund you in totality because your asheobi girls said they were purging and they didn’t like the food?”

Following the brouhaha, a Lagos based media writer decided to weigh in on the matter as she writes a letter to Sandra. Read what she wrote below;

Dear Sandra Ikeji of the famous ‘Ikeji’ family, I bring you sisterly and womanly love from my heart and happy married life, I honestly pray that your home will be filled with every good things of life.
Nonetheless, I am writing you this later in respect of the show of shame and classlessness you just displayed with your caterer for your wedding ceremony, honestly I don’t know how to describe how disappointed I am over your attitude.
When your sister Linda Ikeji started introducing you to the public, you seemed calm and sweet, but now I don’t even know what to say, is it ok to say the ‘Ikeji sisters’ are loudmouths?
I don’t know you; I have never met you or your caterer ‘Amanda Grace, I am a fan of your works, but that won’t stop me from telling you the truth. In fact, this 2020 is going to be a year of reality.
Mrs Sandra Arinze, your marriage is still very young and you have already started drawing unnecessary controversial attention to yourself I don’t think you need all the controversies to become a celebrity.
I wonder what women gain in bringing down other women.
Sandra I put it to you that you owe that lady an apology and you owe yourself and your husband an apology for this disgrace your just disgraced yourself. I actually thought you were going to be different from your sisters (Linda and Laura) but na lie, una no different at all.
Madam Sandra, may I remind you that so many relationships and marriages in the Nigeria entertainment industry that has hit the rock today is as a result of your sister Linda not minding her business and nobody has killed her, may I also remind you that Laura is married to another woman’s husband, yet nobody is calling her out, but you try to bring down a fellow woman’s hustle because you believe you don blow abi?. you no try at all.
You called her out for an alleged ‘bad services’ and I am sure you read her response which she clearly stated that your mother tasted the food and maybe that resulted to the ‘sour food’ you are crying about.
If you are a good cook, you should know that there are some meal you don’t touch when you are not ready to finish them, or better still warm it after eating.
You said the foods were bad, according to you ‘sour rice, salty afang soup, over-salted plantain, tasteless chicken and bad services’ good enough you did not mention that ALL THE FOODS WERE BAD. That’s to say ‘some’ were ok abi? you see say na wickedness and oppression dey do you. Sandra, why did you not talk to her in private as a woman? Why the public humiliation? in case you don’t know, cooks also have their bad days.
You claimed your ‘Aso ebi girls’ complained that the food was bad, no be those girls I see for your wedding pictures? My dear forget it, they just want to disgrace you and that they have achieved. I guess they knew you as a ‘hot’ tempered person so they triggered you to react and that is what you have done.
It’s ok to have some reservation about her services, but honey, it is very terrible to embarrass your fellow woman’s hustle in public, it was so uncalled for and very classless of you, as a woman, you should have talked to her privately about it other than publicly disgracing her and even attempting to run her source of livelihood down. It is even laughable that you are asking for a refund. What happened to the other foods? What about the other foods that tasted ‘nice; who will bear the cost?
Sandra, you seem like a trouble maker before I decided to do this, I visited your Instagram page, in one of the posts where you were dancing and money was been sprayed on you, I could hear you ask ‘where is all my money’? With what you just did I don’t want to imagine what the person you put in charge of picking money would have gone through in your hands.
You said your ‘Aso ebi girls’ didn’t like the food and they were purging, really? How about other guests, did they purge as well? I am sure a day to your wedding wasn’t the first time for you to meet her, you must have tasted her foods or convince about her services and that was why you opted for her services.
‘Event by SI extraordinary’ as your big sister usually describe you, I am sure you won’t like it if you were treated this way by a client, be of good conduct, don’t follow the parts of your sisters because grace is different and what works for them might not work for you.
It is too early for this your unnecessary attention you are dragging to yourself. Social media don’t forget and they have the receipt for everything you do. I hope you get to understand me, but if you chose, no wahala.
Best regards, Omalicha Dat Delta Girl.