January 11, 2020

Update: Pastor's wife wins 'indecent proposal' of spending one week 'with him' Francis Van-Lare in Italy

Oluwapelumi Wonder said to be the wife of a Pastor has won Francis Van-Lare's 'indecent proposal' of spending one week with him in Italy. It is also expected that Oluwapelumi's husband will be joining her in Italy with the $2000 he will be getting from the US-based Nigerian businessman. 
Francis Van-Lare, relationship counsellor Amara Nwosu's ex-husband who made the announcement on Facebook, said Oluwapelumi revealed she participated in the contest because someone who wants to sleep with a married woman will not post it on Facebook.
He wrote; 
The Indecent Proposal. I have to close the thread early as contestants are being bullied. We have a winner. The Pastor’s wife Oluwapelumi Wonder. I keep telling all of you to think as if there is no box but you will not listen. The husband will be given $2,000 as promised but he must use it to buy a ticket to Venice ITALY and be thought how to spice his wife by my Italian friends who are experts in romance. While there, take her on a gondola ride, give her breakfast in bed, wine and dine her, go dancing, shopping etc and my expectation is that this trip will take their marriage to the next level. I never said I will do all these for her myself, I said she will get all those spice but did not say by who.
If I had posted a free trip for couples everyone who thinks inside the box will jump in. Oluwapelumi has her own business and happily married and not hungry but she and her husband do not think in the box. To quote her she participated because someone who wants to sleep with a married woman will not post it on Facebook so she thought as if there is no box. Of course, I will travel with them and pay all the expenses and bring my Cinderella along too.
Congrats Oluwapelumi.