February 12, 2020

Chioma Trapped Davido With A Male Child As A Smart Igbo Girl- Lady Reveals Secret

A social media user has exposed the little plots by Nigerian baby mama Chioma to tie her baby daddy Davido down. A few hours after Chioma has officially prided herself as the wife of Davido, an Instagram user with name @adore.herbeauty has applauded the smartness of Chioma as an Igbo girl. The user revealed in a long write-up that Chioma used her pregnancy of a male child to trap Davido.
See What She Wrote
“You go block tire because the truth is bitter…On a normal day, you’re absolutely nothing without Davido…it’s not like you have anything to offer the world…you use pregnancy of a male child to trap Davido as a smart Igbo girl…I know the kind of person you are and I can tell that you’re very deceitful, you’re obviously not who you pretend to be; I also heard you used jaruma on him well it worked congrats…but I’ll let you know that you’re no good example since you’re feeling yourself too much now because 
1. You’re a school dropout.
“2. You had a child outside wedlock 
3. You don’t have anything to offer that’s why they’re packaging you as a chef 
4. You have absolutely zero respect for your elders just because you’re affiliated to Davido.
5. You obviously lack good home training and discipline because if you did, you’d have done some things differently…I’m not one of those people that worship people because they’re affiliated to celebrities because I know if it was someone else that did all these things they would have been condemned by these same people but because it’s “Davido’s girlfriend “it’s cool lol! well, I’m not one of those hypocrites that will be singing your praises even when you’re wrong…you can go ahead and block me then delete my comment because the truth stings and I see that’s what you actually spend your time doing as there’s nothing else to do…Don’t come @ me with the jealousy thing because there’s absolutely nothing to envy in Chioma I’m obviously not instead I’m irritated!”
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