February 03, 2020

Dr. Adeleke, Said a Prayer For His Son and Daughter-In-Law At Their Wedding – (Video)

Davido’s big brother Adewale and his wedded wife Kani are the freshest couples in town now after a successful white wedding in Dubai. During the ceremony, the father of Adewale and Davido, Dr Adedeji Adeleke showered God’s blessings on the couple with a hilarious prayer. His prayers were centred on Adewale and Kani’s marital journey as they have become one to live their life together. The billionaire father made funny comments in his prayer which got many laughing in the process. The cheesy prayers were captured on tape and were shared on social media. 
Watch the video below;
Davido’s father Dr Adedeji Adeleke prays for couple – watch his hilarious prayer points that’s got the crowd laughing (Video)

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