February 28, 2020

Female students receive 24 strokes of cain from residents after dirty school fight in Surulere over a boy (photos, video)

It was a dirty scene in Itire-Ikate LCDA, Surulere, Lagos, this afternoon as 3 female students (names withheld) got engaged in a serious fight in the area. A  news reporter at the scene gathered that the fight ensued within a twinkle of an eye as two friends attacked a classmate of theirs after the school’s closing hours. Residents and passersby tried to intervene but instead of the students to keep calm, the pressure and their energy heightened. Eventually, the residents were able to overpower and interrogate them and it was revealed that the fight transpired from a Facebook group chat over a boy until it became physical. When their school principal was summoned to the scene, she revealed that one of the girls had been expelled from the school and was surprised that she was able to get in and liaise with another student of the school to beat up their classmate. To punish them, the principal and some residents brought out a cane and beat the girls on their palms. The two girls who carried out the attack got 24 strokes each while the girl that was attacked got saved by other residents who witnessed the fight. A police officer was later called upon and took those girls to the station.
See photos and video below: