February 15, 2020

‘I Used To PIMP Ladies To Pastors’- Cossy Ojiakor

Nollywood actress and singer, Cossy Ojiakor has told Saturday Beats in an exclusive interview that she used to SUPPLY ladies to pastors as a pimp, something she no longer does because she’s a changed person.“Don’t think that your sin is too much and you won’t make heaven. Nobody is perfect. Pastors lead extravagant lives and even travel abroad to ‘carry’ girls. I used to supply ladies to one of those pastors. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know he was a ‘man of God’. His church is very big and he has a large congregation. Also, a reverend father once pressed my breasts and gave me church money.“People should know that God is always willing to forgive because nobody is holy. I’m an evangelist and I’m true to myself. If one is true to oneself, it means that one would be saved by grace. I am an Anglican person. I go to church in my hometown.”Cossy also touched on domestic violence and how the police have failed in dealing with the menace. She said, “When a lady goes to report about assault and domestic violence, the police do not treat it as a big case. They think the couple will reconcile. Most times, these women want justice but don’t get it.“Some of the women who stab their husbands do so because the police had failed them. They had reported countless times but nobody cared.“Someone once threatened me with a bottle. I reported him to the police who didn’t do much and he came back the next day.“Before ladies act, they must have been pushed to the wall. Police should deal with those wife-beaters severely. The law should take its course.”