February 08, 2020

Man strips to underwear after lady turns down his marriage proposal (Video)

University of Calabar
A Nigerian man in Calabar was said to have stripped to his underwear after proposing to his girlfriend and getting rejected. He was dressed in a corporate pant, a shirt and tie but left in white pant and a vest. The drama was said to have taken place at the University of Calabar main gate.
A large crowd had gathered to watch the scene, as the man got down on one knee in front of the lady to propose. According to the video, the lady just kept saying she was not ready to get married. But apparently, the young man felt he hadn’t done enough to get her to say YES, so he decided to take it a step further by stripping down to his undergarments one after the other. In the end, the message didn’t change: “I don’t want the ring for crying out loud,” the lady told him clearly. As he left the scene with his pair of shoes in his hand, his friend was on standby to carry his clothes along. LOL! The tweet was shared by one chocolate cream.
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