February 10, 2020

Outrage as photos of ‘rat hole’ EFCC allegedly keeps suspects surfaces on Twitter

A Twitter user has shared a view of the supposed Port Harcourt office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) where some suspects were inhumanely detained.
@TheRealDayne took to his Twitter page on Monday afternoon to share the photo of the half-naked suspects, all packed at the back of the building which is said to be the anti-graft agency’s office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The photo was taken from the window of a building close to the said EFCC office.
The social media user tweeted:
“As Spotted Today @officialEFCC zonal office in PH What’s your take on this?”
“They are people held by @officialEFCC zonal office in Port Harcourt.”
The photos have sparked outrage since they emerged on Twitter a few hours ago.
EndSARS advocate, Segun Awosanya is popularly known as Segalink in his reaction to the photos wrote:
“What is this madness?! Why is @officialEFCC worsening human right abuses in Nigeria?!
“In Nigeria once @PoliceNG starts threatening you with any institution know that such has gone to the dogs and no longer guarantees justice. This is why you hear “I’ll charge you to court!” Or “We’ll transfer this to EFCC” these have become known rackets where citizens are abused!
“There are @PoliceNG tactical units that illegally specialize in abducting innocent citizens under the guise of fighting corruption/fraud without any proof but demand huge ransom while keeping our youth hostage across Nigeria. The records are there & the authorities know this much
“Our major problem is that most of the parents of the victims are too vulnerable to do cases even with our promise or footing the bills. They won’t even testify after we secure the release of their wards and refund of the ransom paid. To put these rogues away we need witnesses.
“Without witnesses ready to follow through, these rogues profiting from human rights abuses and bloodletting only get a slap on the wrist with transfers or demotion. Help us to ensure they are tried for kidnapping by following through. Stop saying “we don’t want trouble.’
“There was a time I publicly defended EFCC to always have their investigations right before clamping down on people until of late when reports started flooding in about indiscriminate raids and demand for ransom. This is also common with IRT and other formations. This is Evil!”
See other reactions:
@Mustygivetanx2ja: Oppression, brutality, injustice and illegal arrest or detention …even if they did anything wrong, charge them to court, are we in the time of slavery or what? @NGRSenate @AmnestyNigeria
@Likor: Thought it was chickens until I looked closely. That’s kinda inhumane na. @humanrights1st should be called in
@Ebigshow: Even Boko Haram terrorists that are captured by the Nigerian Army are not treated this inhumanely. Most of these boys are victims of circumstances beyond their control. What happened to this govt creating skill centres around the country to provide economic power to these boyz.
@BelieveAllCom: We really have a lot of injustice and human right violations to fight in this country called Nigeria.
@MaziOkafor: Very sad to see… Hope you don’t live close to that place? They might trace you... You know those can Kidnap you and call it to arrest. Stay safe
@Syre35893704: @officialEFCC this is a human right violation. If this picture is to be believed. Why can’t you do things the right way?
@Letsmile7: Have they been convicted ni…. This is even worse than the Prison for convicts. This INHUMAN TREATMENT is an act of CORRUPTION by a Corruption fighting agency. EFCC… SHAME… SHAME.

As Spotted Today @officialEFCC zonal office in PH

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Grumpy Grandpa@mayeesq
Again I repeat, you can't argue against the fact that Africa is cursed. Nigeria took 89% of that curse...
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Replying to @TheRealDayne and 7 others
Are they kidnappers' victims confined in that place or what? I'm confused. Explanation needed. 😎😎

They are people held by @officialEFCC zonal office in Port Harcourt

Kindly mention the relevant authorities that need to see this...

14:26 - 10 Feb 2020
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Everything about Nigeria looks like a country at war

Half Oracle Half Human🎆@osagiemerry
Aren't we at war with our selves??

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