February 06, 2020

Reno Omokri Advises Africans To Speak Native Language

Former presidential media aide and lifestyle expert, Reno Omokri has advised Africans to take pride in speaking their native languages instead of trying to speak perfect Queen’s English. He shared the advice via his official Twitter account, where he stated that Africans should speak both English and their native languages. The best selling author also stated that copying the Queen’s English doesn’t automatically make an African become English.
Omokri wrote: “Dear African, Speak English, but also speak your native language. Speaking Queens English doesn’t make an Africa either English or the Queen. “It just makes you a very good copy of the original. Why not be a very good original of your own language?”
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In other news, Nigerians hastily react as viral video of Bayelsa State Governor-elect grammatical blunders emerges online. David Lyon committed serious grammatical blunders while addressing journalists shortly after his election. The grammatical composition and choice of words have left many people to wonder and ponder if the Governor-elect can communicate in English fluently while many Nigerians are surprised that a man of such profile could not communicate properly.
”Today is one of my great day of my life. The great people of Bayelsans have spoken their mind by taking time to vote for our great party APC. It’s indeed a welcome development because in our own campaigns, we give to them, when being elected and swear in, we give to them security and development; it is our key agendas,” he said.