February 20, 2020

Why we tortured, murdered Nigerian DJ in Turkey – Brazilian suspects

The suspected killers of Nigeria DJ, Emmanuel İfeanyi Okonyia aka EmmyJay, have revealed the motivation behind their action.Okonyia was recently found dead in his apartment in Mecidiyeköy, Turkey, with his hands and feet tied from behind and a knife was also found near his body.Two Brazilians have now been arrested in connection with the murder and they have confessed.Sandro Marcello A. and Jonathan Carvalho D admitted that they did a $200, 000 drug deal with the deceased DJ and he refused to pay them.
According to Sandro:
“I went with my friend Carvalho and told him my wife is pregnant and that he should pay me my debt,” and after his refusal, they started to struggle with him.The two Brazilians revealed that they killed the Nigerian DJ with a pig tie and tortured him.“I wanted my debt, when we refused, we tied him and tortured him,” he added. They have since been charged to court.WuzupNigeria reports EmmyJay, who was a DJ at night clubs in Turkey, was tortured before being killed.It was gathered that Okonyia was found dead in his apartment at Şişli Mecidiyeköy with his hands and feet tied from behind.Video shows how police sealed and guided the forensic and ambulance team around the building where EmmyJay was murdered.According to the News1, the owner of the apartment where Emmanuel İfeanyi Okonyia lived had called him for a couple of days but didn’t hear from him.Opening the door with his own key of the apartment, the real estate agent saw Okonyia motionless in the living room with his hands and feet tied behind with a cable.Closing the door in a panic, the real estate agent called the landlady and explained the situation.Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene after the landlady was informed. The medical teams, who entered with the police, confirmed that Emmanuel İfeanyi Okonyia was already dead.His remains were removed from the Forensic Medicine Institute Morgue after the investigation. Meanwhile, relatives and friends of Okonyia who came to the scene shed tears uncontrollably.While DJ’s friends were seen to be upset, one of his friends had a nervous breakdown confirming that he was a friend of DJ who was found dead in his house, Chinedu Jımmy said,
“I don’t know anything. I have no idea. I was asleep, a friend called me and I came here in disbelief. We last met 3 days ago. I called him many times today but I couldn’t reach him. Now I came to see him dead. ” when asked if he had suspected anyone.
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