March 10, 2020

Now your Rankadede has become Ran-sacked-dede – Alibaba’s satirical reaction to Sanusi deposition

Prominent Nigerians have taken to their social media handles to react to the unexpected dethronement of Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II. And one of such Nigerians is veteran comedian, Alibaba, who satirically responded to his removal.The ace comedian started by saying that his removal was good because, during his time as the Emir, he exposed the problems in the North, canvassed for the education of our teeming youth among other things. According to him, these and other issues led to his dethronement…
“Good for him.
How can you be talking about the problems of the North? How dare you expose the core reason for the issues in the north just like that?
Almajaris! Almajaris!! Almajaris!!!… is it your Almajaris!
So you are an economist, so what? How does that affect the price of fish? Nonsense. So you now want our people to rise against us?
Who cares if you are educated? Are you a card-carrying member of our party? You are SLS, we are EXCELLENCY. Go figure.
Just imagine him quoting the Qur’an to back up his argument as if he was there when they wrote it. Be guided… because Our party overrules everything.
How dare you canvass for the education of our teeming youth? Are you the commissioner for education? Are you more educated than the governor? Now you know it’s not about speaking turenshhiiiiii.
Uneasy may lie the head that wears the crown… but, for us, its turban or not turban to Nasarawa: to ban it is.
Just imagine. You know we are an APC state, your aides and Palace guards are carrying Umbrella up and down? Because of Why? Arrant nonsense.
Haba manaaaa!!! did we offend you? Kubakaba, We kukuma have collected our staff of offence back.
Go and ask Harry and his wife how to survive after they became ExRoyal Highnesses.
When we asked you to chill, you were behaving anyhow. Now your Rankadede has become Ran-sacked-dede. Shikennnaaaa!!
So Much Ado about something!”