September 01, 2020

Outrage as little boy consumes full bottle of beer in the presence of adults at a party (Video)

A viral video has shown the moment a little boy emptied a full bottle of beer in the presence of adults while at a party. The video which has long gone viral began trending on social media today, August 31.
 In the video, a yet to be identified little boy presumed by many to be 3-year-old could be seen drinking from a bottle of beer. The setting is that of a party and adults could be visibly seen in the background dancing while music played in the background. Rocking a “30 BG Gang” necklace and a fitting hairstyle, the little boy drank with reckless abandon while vibing to the sound of good music playing in the background. Social media users have reacted to the video in condemnation, pegging it on “bad parenting”.Watch the video;