January 09, 2021

British multi-millionaire arrested after ‘driving his Lamborghini Huracan from London to Italy to threaten his ex-girlfriend’

A British multi-millionaire has been arrested after he reportedly drove 1,000 miles from London to Italy to threaten his ex-girlfriend following their break-up. Ajaz Hussain Shah, 36, was apprehended after his ­terrified ex saw his gold £165,000 Lamborghini Huracan packed outside her flat.
According to the Sun, Shah was dumped by the woman after he had allegedly attacked her with a knife and a clothes iron during an 18-month relationship. The report said cops raced to the 26-year-old’s flat in Rimini, Italy, and Shah was arrested. He appeared before a judge accused of threats and violence. He reportedly drove from the UK capital to Milan and then on to the seaside resort of Rimini. 
Shah was fined under Italy’s Covid laws and faces five years’ jail. An Italian police source said:''This was a terrifying accident for the victim. She was the recipient of physical abuse in the form of beatings and of verbal abuse over several months. ''She was also burnt with an iron and threatened with a knife but she bravely left and fled to her parent's house where she hoped to escape this man.
''He then started to call and threaten her, saying he would burn her house and her parents' car, she was understandably in fear of her life. ''Earlier this week she went onto the balcony and saw him outside in his Lamborghini and so she called the police and he was arrested.''Shah, a fund manager originally from Birmingham, is worth £15million-plus and has properties in London and Italy.