January 28, 2021

Dan/chic drama 3:“I’m here to clear his name”- Side chic drags Bea Lewis who claims to have dated Aliko Dangote

Allarounda1, an American girlfriend to Mr Dangote who shared a photo of his buttocks on Instagram has revealed she did it to clear his name. Courtney via her Instagram called out Bea Lewis (alleged side chic) for crying out about being dumped by the African richest man saying it was disgusting and cheap.
Read her post below;
”I’m here to clear his name. What she did was disgusting and uncalled for. To give a paragraph with such descriptive detail is so classless of you. Act like you’re used to things and most importantly value yourself more babe. Never let money do clown shit @iambealewis like that
In another post, she wrote; ”You wanted to go viral sooo bad! He needed to hit you with an NDA!! @iambealewis, Wow you been delusional this whole time. Seek help”
Bea Lewis, however, responded to Courtney stating that it was disrespectful and inappropriate to post intimate photos of people without their consent.
”Now ladies… It’s one thing to want to join in and tell your story if any. But posting intimate of inappropriate photos is disrespectful in any relationship. Especially if you took it without them knowing. Let’s keep it classy my loves.” She wrote.

See post below;