January 18, 2021


Do you know another “Buruji” has emerged in Ijebuland in the person of Mr Dolapo Balogun? Though not many know his real name, mention “Apawpaw”, and you will be told that he is the new Buruji of Ijebuland.
This information became public knowledge a few days ago at #theapoopoo wedding which took place at Queens Park in Victoria Island, where Mr Dolapo Balogun, the son of late Ijebu billionaire, late Chief Balogun, gathered who is who under the same umbrella for his grand wedding. The wedding which had many Lagos, Ogun young millionaires in attendance was a mega one because of the volume of money that was spent. From the hall to the decor, to the musician, it was obvious that many millions of naira were expended on the wedding. Of course, many of the guests didn’t expect anything less, the “Buruji” of our time as Mr Dolapo is fondly called also used the party to set a standard that he is surely fit for the name “Buruji” politically and socially. Though the name “Buruji” literally means “Wealth” in Yoruba land this name has with time transcended wealth as it also means power. Since the death of late Senator Buruji Kashamu over 5 months ago, his shoe has been left vacant as no political giant seems fit for the name. Don’t forget that for late Senator Buruji Kashamu, it is not just about being wealthy, he also had large followership. He was politically relevant in Ogun State and beyond.
All these ‘Buruji’ qualities became obvious at the wedding that the king of Fuji, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal sang about it. What did he say? He sang that “Se e ti gbo, Buruji Tuntun ti wa ni Ijebu. Dolapo Balogun, Apawpaw, Owo wa, ipo wa, oni eyan” (we now have a new Buruji in Ijebu, he has money and he is wealthy too”). While K1 sang this song, the guests all danced with joy as he showered prayers on him. Who then is this new Buruji and what does he have in common with late Buruji Kashamu? Permit us to tell you that he has a lot in common with late Buruji Kashamu. He is a politician and a PDP member but many political parties have been trying to lure him because of his large followership. He is tall and lanky just like late Buruji Kashamu. Just like Buruji, he is also an Ijebuman. He is one of the godsons of late Buruji Kashamu. They met in 2014 through a friend, Bidemi Rufai. He has almost the same voice as Buruji. His mum is from Ijebu Igbo but his Dad is from Ijebu-Ode. His mum is from the popular Oyewoga family of Ijebu-Igbo. He is also a businessman. He is a top member of Egbe Bobamayegun Ijebuland. He is a businessman. He runs Dabd Network Limited. He also sells cars. He attended Polytechnic, Ibadan. He has 3 kids.
A few days ago, he made a statement with his wedding when he spent over 100 million naira on his wedding. He renewed marital vows with his wife who has been with him for over 10 years. The wedding has made major headlines since it took place. It was the wedding that rounded off the year 2020. His entire look for his wedding was worth millions of naira. He rocked 2 luxury attires from Alfatia fabrics in Surulere. He was also spotted in 2 Luxury Louboutin Shoes. What about his long navel chain? That was worth over 100 grams. A gram of gold is 30k and if by that calculation, it is worth 3 million naira. He also has a customised navel chain with initial “Apawpaw”. That pendant was admired by many of his friends.
Did we gist you about the 1 million stone lace rocked by Apawpaw for the grand reception? It was purchased from Alfatia, K1’s wife luxury fabric store. That 1 million stone lace is the male version of HOH sold for 800k. He bought 10 yards and transformed it into Agbada and Sokoto. One of the best event planners is “Mskevent”. The event planner was one of those who is 100 per cent Covid compliant. They kept announcing that every guest must use face mask and sanitisers. They even gave it out free to all the guests. The high point of the event was when all Apawpaw’s friends stormed the stage. They made it obvious that they are financially buoyant and rich. They sprayed in bundles. They were decked in flowing white agbada. They are friends of new Buruji and they must be able to show how influential they are. What about Apawpaw’s wife? Her 18carat gold was a big rock. She combined with 2 luxury fabrics from Crystal fabrics. All her entire look for her wedding was worth 10 million naira. Your husband can’t be rich like Buruji and you won’t look like a million dollars. They both made high fashion statements at #theapoopoo 2020.