February 02, 2021

Bobrisky threatens to kill colleague James Brown over identity theft

Fast and rising Nigerian crossdresser, Jame Brown has taken to social media to cry out and alleged that his fellow crossdresser, Bobrisky, has threatened to kill him. James Brown shared a video online this afternoon and alleged that he received a call from Bobrisky this afternoon, accusing him of copying his content as a crossdresser. James Brown further alleged that Bobrisky threatened to kill him if he doesn’t stop copying his contents. He said he isn’t surprised at Bobrisky’s action because he knows some seniors never want to see their juniors shine. 
He then said he cross-dresses just for fun only on IG but dresses as a man in real so Uncle Bob shouldn’t see him as a threat.Sharing the video on his page, Jame Brown wrote; “For once in my life, I have never dragged a position with nobody I have always been Jamesbrown they didn’t catch me that everyone knows since day one, So if you have any problem with the content I am putting out for the brands I am working for I don’t give a haut. That’s some period. You already blocked me everywhere for months now on every platform, so why the treat I am just a real person and having on my platform”.Watch below: