February 25, 2021

The state of origin of every Nigerian is Nigeria-ATIKU

The state of origin of every Nigerian is Nigeria.
Nigeria gave birth to the states. The states did not give birth to Nigeria. Every Nigerian state must be 100% for 100% of all Nigerians, 100% of the time. No exception. Therefore, the bloodletting must stop in Sasa, and stop in every other locality.
In this, you are completely wrong.
This your write up is tactfully insinuating that the Fulani herdsmen can live and graze anywhere.
Well, for your information, it is way way late now.
Nigeria didn't give birth to the States. Nigeria is made up of the States within Nigeria. The country will not exist if there are no States. We know you are trying to preach oneness but you don't have to distort the truth in the process. Nigeria will be home to all if and only if we all agree to live together in peace and harmony, which isn't the case at the moment.
The hapless Nigerians are at home with one another, it's the government of Buhari that's fanning the ambers of hatred and division among the pple of Nigeria by his bigoted actions and inactions. We hv had past presidents of Northern extraction in the likes of Shagari, IBB, Abdusalami, Yar'Adua and none has divided Nigeria along ethnic lines the way Buhari is doing now.....! You good guys in the north should write an open letter to President Buhari..!
Pls note that lands everywhere in Nigeria have ownership that would have to be respected. While everyone is accepted to reside and work everywhere, no one should be encouraged to disregard landowners.
We have had certain people raid people’s farmlands; rape, maim and kill locals; raize down whole communities and very, unfortunately, we did not have public condemnation from our government and political leaders from the side of these aggressors ethnicity and tribe.
I, therefore, take this your statement in very bad taste as it subtly shows support of the Fulani aggression against all other tribes, I will therefore reconsider my followership of your political ambition.
you know in reality and in practice, this statement is not true.
If you believe in this statement, why haven’t you advocated for this in all spheres of Nigeria polity?
Why not abolish the quota system? Why not dissolve the fraudulent constitution that Nigeria was built on?
We didn't here your voice on the killings in Southern Kaduna, Taraba, Benue, Nasarawa, Zamfara, Enugu, Delta, Ebonyi, Ogun, Kastina and in the many other states! Why? And please keep in mind that, the freedom of movement and to reside anywhere in the country does not include the right to kill or forcefully take over indigenous peoples land! Not forgetting that the Land Use Act vests governors with authority over land management!
The Benin kingdom existed hundred of years before those useless colonialists came with their machine guns and forced us into some strange arrangement called Nigeria. We accepted it and started living in peace with every other stakeholder until some people started feeling superior over others and claiming ownership of the whole land and water. We may have accepted the forced union, we may have accepted the inequitable distribution of our commonwealth but what we will not accept is some strangers coming to our land of birth to chase our people out of our farmland, slaughter our brothers and sisters in cold blood and rape our wives, sisters and mothers. All those will have to stop for us to accept to continue to live or pretend to live together as one. You all know the cause of the problem but you won't say it as it is because you want to be politically correct
All the time the herders were killing no one remembered we were all Nigerians. People are just protecting themselves against terror.
you are not correct. Kano is older than Nigeria, Benin is older than Nigeria, Oyo is older than NIGERIA, Borno, Calabar and many others are older than NIGERIA 🇳🇬, if we can not respect ourselves then we cannot live together.
There have succeeded in dividing us with the ethnic and religious difference in Nigeria all in the name of political gain!!!!!!! And looting our money!!!!!!!! Sham on you all the leaders...
Very good, state of origin should be abolished, sharia law should be scrapped, let Nigeria be Nigeria for all Nigerians. If it is to survive the impending storm and possible disintegration. The states should give birth to Nigeria if truly we are practising federalism check America.
Atiku Abubakar... The ethnic groups from which most states emerged long existed before Nigeria. The indigenous communities that make up the ethnic groups won't surrender their ancestral lands and heritage to the Nigerian State for usurpation or annexation by any other ethnic groups under whatever circumstances. Please speak clearly to the Fulani and let them know grazing in any form has become unfashionable and unsustainable and that ranching is the only way to go. Let them appreciate the need to stop encroaching on ancestral lands and forests outside their states of origin.
You are wrong, Sir. There were States before you had Nigeria. The States and communities existed thousands of years before your Nigeria that was coined in 1914. You see the mentality you are using to rule?
Yes, the Christian must be able to live in Sokoto and rear pigs and sell it too without any for of intimidation. The people that sell alcoholic drinks must be able to do the same thing in every part of the country, once they have their money to invest.
The regions gave birth to Nigeria. It was the military that created the states. State of Origin of every Nigerians is Nigeria.
Every Fulani man is free to live anywhere in Nigeria including Sambisa you created. You have enough buoyancy to move every Fulanis in the southern part to those free land begging for grassing sir.
Please do the needful and safe the South and the Fulanis.
Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Tiv and others existed before Nigeria and we want to go back as we are before amalgamation
The greatest regret is that Moshood Abiola sacrificed for our democracy. Where were cows and herdsmen and their sponsors when we fought for this Democracy? Our weapons in modern days are not horses, bows and arrows let us embrace peace. We are watching when the chips are down everybody will go back to the regional government. Protect cows with guns but natural forces of thunder and Ogun can strike a million cows into extinction
My stance on this is that ethnic nationalists existed before Nigeria. These nationalities have diverse cultures which must be respected as we intermingle. The miyetti allah are so provocative and stupidly arrogant. Their stock in trade is terrorism. They need to be checked.
My submission is, every Southerner doing business in the North should be given a grant (enough money) by the federal and state governments to do their businesses as proposed by Miheti Allah to give Herdsmen and Killer Bandits grants. They should all be living rent-free wherever they are in the North like the Fulani Herdsmen in the South. They should be allowed to practice whatever Religion they so wish the same way Muslims are allowed to build Mosques and practice their Islam without harassment and allowed also to do their respective business...be it Liquor ( Alcohol), Pork or what have you. Then, and only then will everyone feels the 100% oneness you are advocating Your Excellency. If that is not done, everything you said amounts to MAGANA BANZA.
Speak the undiluted Truth to the Presidency.
We don't want Banditry or Cattle Rustling business!
We Don't Want the Destruction of Farms and Farmlands!
We don't want endless Rapping of our Women and Girls!
We don't want endless killings or Kidnapping!
We don't want Cows in our Streets or open Places anywhere in the Country!
We Don't Want RUGA!!!
Tell the Herdsmen to buy lands Ranch their Cows!!!
Why do we have a state of Origin?
Why do we have the Federal Character Commission?
Why would Gov.El Rufai ban sales of alcohol in Kaduna state?
Why will Herders carry AK-47 and Farmer can't?
We can't have the States for all Nigerians 100%, and that is just the truth.
The earlier we understand our difference and work towards a harmonious relationship the better.
People's patience is elastic and when it exhausted its elasticity, we fight back.
As one who has been aspiring to lead Nigeria, you have fallen short of expectation.
You are so biased and incapable of leading this country with this kind of statement.
You can lead your Fulani brothers.