April 02, 2021

I'm The MD Of Adesun Petroleum & Gas, I'm Not A Scammer- Igboho Reveals

From the short interview posted online although it was a hard talk session between counsellor Funmi Ademilua and Olayomi Koiki where everything about the Yoruba nation was up for discussion, with questions ranging from going back to our history, our identity and emancipation. Why now because we want the truth because knowing the truth leads to peace of mind?
why were we joined together in the first place??
why did those in the past never looked into these issues?
The question is who signed the amalgamation?
who was those that sat at the round table to discuss and agree to it?
Maybe if these issues and questions were ironed out then there wouldn't be any need for it now. They were later joined by Sunday igboho who said I need to greet my family both home and abroad for their support I thank you so much and I pray that God will be with all of you and you will never lack in Jesus name.
Sunday said some people said am doing this because am looking for money. Well, am a successful businessman and one million Fulanis can't stop me from going anywhere I want. how much do I want to scam people for? God answered my prayers and well at that. no one can say I scammed them. I AM a businessman the owner of Adesun international concept limited, MD of Adesun petroleum and gas company, and I been the owner for many years. Even when the Nigerian government checked my account, they knew am was a big man. He made it very clear that he wasn't a scammer. He MADE IT CLEAR that he wasn't bothered about people who wanted to make use of his fame, as is expected people will want to tap from him to je nibe e he said he doesn't need to respond to them. 
He SAID ALL THAT MATTER is that the unlawful activities of Fulanis such as killing, raping and kidnapping our families and taking Ransome enough is enough it must stop in Yorubas land. On disrespecting the obas Sunday Igboho FURTHER said people have been accusing us of abusing the kings of the Yoruba land we don't mean to it's just that we are passionate about our course. He apologised to anyone who was insulted to forgive them. He said some of the comments were not intended saying enu omo o gba iya pa di mo ale bu oba leyin lai ki se loju e. we are only asking the kings for advice moreover baba awolowo ni to ba to time awon omo kekeke ti e to yan ma bere fun eto won. Baba awolowo ni to ba to time awon omo yen ma dide from nowhere won maa gbeja ara won asiko na ni yi oluwa a si duro ti won this is the time we need to fight for our right no going back. He went on to say that this was the time for the Yoruba people to stand for their right.
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