April 24, 2021

Like Obasanjo to OPC, Buhari orders shoot-on-sight on anyone with AK47 in bushes

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered that anyone found wielding an AK47 assault rifle be shoot at sight, a development many have compared to a similar order given by former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo during his tenure (1999-2003) as president, against the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, members. Obasanjo’s order against the OPC was necessitated as a result of a series of accusations bothering on extra-judicial killings, unlawful arrest and detention of citizens, and other vices allegedly trailing the activities of the OPC members. Recall that the OPC was established to stem the tides of robbery incidents which were prevailing at almost every nook and corner of the southwest region at that time. But unlike President Buhari’s order against a wide group of unscrupulous elements “cashing out on kidnapping, banditry and indiscriminate killings, the OPC was not into kidnapping nor ethnic war, what they did was that they took laws into their hands harassing people everywhere in the name of arresting thieves. Fast forward to 2021, President Muhammdu Buhari, Wednesday issued a shoot-at-sight order to security agents against anyone or group wielding AK47 assault rifles. Recently, the media have been awash with news of kidnappings, banditry, and killings allegedly perpetrated by killer Fulani herdsmen both in the south and northern parts of Nigeria. Like Obasanjo, Buhari has issued a similar order to security operatives. But in Obasanjo’s case, it was a direct order against the OPC, an action that one could safely say ended the menace and atrocities of OPC leading to a total transformation of the group. Buhari’s order has met with some criticisms, however, with many saying on social media that it was veiled and wasn’t directly at the menacing killer Fulani herdsmen and bandits. 
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