April 15, 2021

Yoruba Nation: Emergence Is An Irrevocable Decision As Memorandum Emerges Soon, Says YOWUA

A coalition of the first generation of Yoruba Diasporas across the World and their new generation counterparts have assured that the emergence of the nation is a task that must never go back, as a virile Yoruba Nation is a divine creation.
The Assembly, in a statement, claimed that already, the Yoruba Nation creation’s memorandum has emerged and no one can change the decision as it has been long overdue. 
According to the coalition, the time is now as the current drive is a divine call aimed at preserving the rich culture of the Yoruba nation as well as preserving the consecration of the culture and the people.
The Yoruba World United Assembly ( YOWUA), a coalition of the old generation of Diaspora and the new after their first general meeting held on Monday in a consensus that the creation of a Yoruba nation is irrevocable and that the home front should not succumb to any threat and blackmail of the Fulani government which they claimed has served the interest of the white colonial masters since Independence and currently overseeing the destruction of SouthWest Nigeria.
According to a release by ALAMI, a Yoruba Nation World Media aligned group that obtained the statement, the meeting was described as highly successful and well attended with a deep signal for war resistance when the colonialists would through their mercenaries. The underground Media outfit, ALAMI has been responsible for showcasing the extent of the damage done to the people of the Western region of Nigeria, the coalition, and has been in alliance with major agitators and the international community revealing the atrocities of the mercenaries to the Media and international bodies. ALAMI said that the coalition was of the opinion that the current struggle for freedom must never cease because it may be the last hope and opportunity for Yoruba self-rule as foreigners are desperate to take over the land belonging to Yoruba ancestors because of the rich resources.“There is a war that is currently going -on to exterminate the Yoruba race and unless there are moves to resist such war, it may result to complete decimation of the land and there may never be a Yorubaland of the future”, the statement from ALAMI revealed.
Ferdinand Aliandro, a co-signatory of the statement said the Yoruba race is already invaded according to revelations from international sources. War is ravaging Yoruba land. People are hungry and women, children are being raped by some foreigners who also cut captured humans in Yorubaland and feed them to cows after adding salts to their bodies, and yet no action by the sitting-in government.”“We owe a duty to stop the desecration and all attempts to exterminate the race from their ancestral land in Nigeria as what is brewing now is designed as a prelude to the big one coming. Our ancestral land has been invaded and is being contaminated by religious extremists while the government in power are just watching with no action”, Aliandro continued.
Olumuyiwa Adebari, another co-signatory said some European nations using the Franco-phone countries in an attempt to recolonize Nigeria are those behind the war and using the poor desert region nations such as Niger Republic, Mali, Chad South Cameroun to overrun Yorubaland, and South Nigeria in general to take total control.
“We are in the middle of this war in which Fulanis and Europeans are co-planners and executors”, he said.
Among the reasons given for the war, drive are the rich resources of the region and the new phase of Africa’s recolonization by many EU countries and other big powers with many big powers seeing Southwest Nigeria as honeypots. According to a resolution reached during the meeting, traditional rulers and eminent Yoruba sons and daughters must be sensitized about the impending war and the need for unity among all Yoruba blooded across the World.
“It would be a wrong assumption to think that all leaders of Yoruba people are aware of what is coming. There is the need for education and sensitization of all before the mass attack is ordered by the commanders of the Fulani mercenaries lodging in bushes on the Yoruba soil especially in villages and hamlets. The meeting also discussed the need to strategize how to mobilize and motivate international communities for support in an attempt to resist the war.
It was also extensively discussed at the meeting how Yoruba people have been systematically and tactically witnessed gradual and calculated destruction since 1960, the year Nigeria got her Independence from Britain. Contributors discussed during the meeting how SouthWest in the 50s before Nigeria Independence was more developed than many great nations of today including Japan, South Korea, China, and many European countries, prior to the Independence and how the region obtained the first TV station in Africa and fifth nation in the entire world is now a shadow of itself.
The meeting finally agreed that there is no going back on the current agitation and that international consultation has commenced sensitizing the World to the looming catastrophe as loading, especially to plan a strategy on how to respond when the war begins. The dilapidated situation of the SW infrastructures was also touched and it was agreed that the only solution to the current state of complete destruction of both infrastructures and all lives of the people and amenities is the reconstruction of the land back to the pre-independence era when SW was attaining greatness and as a leading icon in development boasting of the tallest building in entire Africa then. The meeting at the instance of the new generation was summoned as the old Diaspora generation recently expressed that it would not allow the desecration of Yoruba spiritual source and would resist any attempt to bring Yoruba Nation into a long war.
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