June 07, 2021

Ahmed Bola Tinubu aka Amoda Lamidi Sangodele – Nigeria’s Pablo Escobar?

When people talk about the convicted white heroine money launderer turned professional political looter, self-styled leader of APC Bola Ahmed Tinubu (not real names) and say things like: he is the most successful SW politician in history…it makes me nauseous. To make it even worse, when they are challenged to name his successes, they start talking about how many governors, commissioners, ministers, etc he has installed.

Do these people even know what the word successful means?

This man lied and stole his way through life.

Right from his name: Bola Tinubu is not his real name…it is Amoda Lamidi Sangodele.

Then to his mother: Abibatu Mogaji was never his mum…this is a known truth

Then to his state: He is not a Lagosian, he is actually from Iragbaji in Osun state.

Then to his age: Tinubu is nearer 80 than he is 70. In fact, the first wife he married died last year and she was around 78 years old.

Then to his Education: He never attended Government College Ibadan or the University of Chicago. None of those institutions ever acknowledged him.

Then to his conviction: Both he and his wife were convicted of laundering white heroine money by a US Court in 1994. They escaped prison by forfeiting nearly half a million dollars.

Then to his governorship: He never won his primaries in AD. He was rigged to the detriment of other candidates.

Then to his governance of Lagos state: He pilfered and looted the state dry while he was governor. He had no significant achievement from 1999-2007.

After he left office, he continued to install stooges and continued to loot Lagos state money. Bola Tinubu is one of the richest men in Nigeria today, he is the single largest shareholder in Lagos state PLC and is like an owner/founder, chairman board of directors. Whatever he says goes. His children are now also running rampages around Lagos collecting their own share of the loot using their father's might.

So when people say he has built people up and empowered them, it confuses the hell out of me. Empowered them to do what? Did any of them put a man on the moon or find the cure for cancer?

Let me remind us that Rauf Aregbesola left Osun state as one of the most indebted states in the country with no single visible achievement.

What Bola Tinubu has done is empowered his foot soldiers including thugs and armed robbers like MC Oluomo, so that he can expand his looting territory from Lagos to the other southwest states and beyond, by ALL MEANS NECESSARY.

His sole ambition is to continue amassing wealth and expanding territory till he eventually takes over Nigeria at the expense of the ordinary Nigerian.

What he has done is to empower these cronies to continue perpetuating the pilfering and looting he started in 1999.

The ordinary people in Lagos continue to suffer from untold hardship and extreme poverty. Not a single world-class school or hospital built in 21 years of Lagos being run by a single person and political party.

Let the truth be told, Amoda Lamidi Sangodele aka Bola Tinubu is nothing but an organized crime syndicate boss.
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