July 18, 2021


An elder and political elite once asked at a condolence visit ‘where are the cows?’
there is so much death in the land and we don't even know who is next thus the question 

where are the obas

This candid, insightful, and precise appraisal of our kings.
We are all witnesses to history as it unfolds. our obas do not really know when to keep quiet. There are times when if you have nothing to say, better to remain silent rather than utter some useless tripe by so doing confirming your imbecility and absolute stupidity.

where are the obas?

you all want to beat and outdo each other at your own game: The game of pleasing the Fulani and the North and our local political elites in the failed Nigeria. Nigeria is now a Limited Liability Company control by Elite, manage under monopoly, maintain by Capitalist and program under the Totalitarianism government but disguise to be under Democracy. the Fulani are saying they own the land your land, my land our ancestral land and you are being politically correct by your keeping quiet on all these and when you decide to say something its to support the oppressors that came to wage war with us on our land or you are not aware of that? your game this time is dead on arrival. Here you all will fail and you will fail woefully.

where are the obas?

nigba ti eyin oba she oselu,jelu,runlu yato si ojuse yin gege bi atolu te fi ona sile tewa mori legbo.te fi ete sile i ewa paa lapa lapa, te ko lati tolu , ti itesiwaju,abo anti oroaje di ohun afi owo yepere mu. 
mo shebi aga osi nilu ilu dibaje baleeleku lle di hahoro .
agbayin wa wa loja ori omo tuntun si she be owo o.e wa di sheku sheye oro yin wa di ileke mojale mojata .
e di ilekun eran oje .
ori ikorita meta lewa bayi o oloshelu ,awon ara ilu ati awon ijoba fulani ibo gann lefe yasi,ibo le durosi,ibo letosi rere mati run eti gbagbe ma ran yin leti

Chief Awolowo tried to embrace the North, diplomatically and with finesse. He failed. M.K.O Abiola almost became a tout for the North. He failed and was eventually killed by his Northern friends in the Nigerian Army. Olusegun Obasanjo is today crying Fulanization being carried out by his former subordinate and a military officer he supervised, promoted, nurtured, and encouraged in the person of Muhammad Buhari. an outright failure.

where are the obas?

igbawo gan leto fe mo pe eyin igba lehun eyin gbado si. ti ewa pon mi si ajadi apere

igbawo gan lefe wa jawo lapon i ko yo ke dami la kana gan.

igbawo gan leto fe mo pe The North of Nigeria has nothing to offer one liegeria is a lie and we are better off without them which we have fried before mo shebi bi iwaju oba she lo eyin o she padasi. 
bi lala oba gbeni asi pada si ila.
ti osi daju pe alo oran ka. 
ti won pe yin lole ti Ewa gbe omo eran jo awi tan won ni ete omo adiye mewa pa labule ti wa wolu loju kowa ete meje pa she bi oju obato toko eyin ti e te pa ni le yi hunko? 

mo she bi ogbon agbon ju pa ologbon lara ni

This is the reason they pick very smart, devious politicians in he likes of Ahmadu Bello, Sani Abacha, Ibrahim Babangida, Muhammad Buhari to work with greedy, self-centred unprincipled and spineless Southerners/Yorubas - Oladipo Diya, Olusegun Obasanjo, Yemi Osinbajo and ati awon koloransi oba pelu enikan oke ohun amo she hun un. 

where are the obas?

the invasion and taking over by both foreign and local Fulani militias, cattle herders and bandits of our land is however the breaking point. mo she bi won ani aki gba akaka lowo akiti kosi eni ti agba ile baba eni lowo eni iyen laye ati jo
tori eyin ole ile ti shilekun fun ti tode bayi.
mo shebi won ni onile ate jeje alejo ate basubasu.
ibagbe yi o wo mo,
igi gogoro ma gun mi loju mo she bi ti a ba le aguntan kan giri yio yi ju pada buni je. 
funra lara yin le ki ina bole ina si re e ko mo oju eni ti oda.
awon fulani ti oju onika mesan yin ka eri hunkankan she si.
won she awa omo odi yin bashabasha won tuntun so si be e fohun. 
laki she pe oju yin fo tabi eti yin di won gba ile wa ile awon baba hunla wa erikan she si 
abo wo gan lefe lo je fun awon ara isahaju ti eranti eyin ola ojo ati sun 
ti eranti ashele arika yin ati ipa ti ehun ko ninu itan.

where are the obas

An Odu'a adage literally translated said; when a house is at peace, it is because the bastard in that house has not grown up. Bastards could come from royal and non-royal families. 
and as events are unfolding it's glaring that this adage cuts across the board but more openly to the fore view of all is our so-called obas and elders who have through their action and inaction utterances and quietness on issues arising has been nothing but a disgrace.

the obaship irrelevancies of our cash-and-carry kings are glaringly alarming what will it take you to Make yourself relevant by addressing the vital issues at hand. 
Even when our so-called kings and elders are corrupt, stealing from the future generation and destroying lives in the process, yet as an elder they still want and expects us under a must to respect them because its Yoruba culture to respect elders .even though respect is reciprocal its earned not demanded. now the masses don't have respect or blind loyalty to you for the sake of it anymore, but will dully give it to people who respect themselves and makes a good effort at making our land a better place for everyone and not just their families and cronies.eniyan to bamo yi wura la a ta a fun ko si aye ati ma fi wura si orun elede mo.

where are the obas?

mo she bi mo tami si mi lara ki ro do
all obas are public figure hence legitimately subject to critic. We all know our obas are hustling instead of leading their people, tell me what these so-called monarchs have done for peace, unity and security for the South West. this is why we the masses as people are hardest hit by the herdsmen, to the point of being refugees in the Benin Republic, ti ko sheleri 
yet the obas has never spoken up for us. our obas need free money to maintain their opulence lifestyle. What value do they offer? Obas nowadays do not represent even the throne nor the people that they claim they rule hence they cannot speak for them. They do not represent the collective vision of oppressed Yorubas who have decided to birth a new Oduduwa Nation. Time is running out for these selfish, greedy, shameless, puppets, clowns, and castrated Obas to shape up or ship out their silence at this critical time is not golden neither is their unguided utterances where are the real custodians of the thrown where are the obas.

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