February 12, 2022

The fools called elders who have forgotten.

1993, Babangida attempted to introduce a civilian regime by creating 2 political parties. One to the right and another to the left. Moshood Abiola a Southerner and another Northerner became candidates for the office of the President. The regime vetted them both and accepted them as suitable to campaign for election under a constitution cooked up by the military. Abiola an accountant and chairman of multinational businesses surmounted all the difficulties, IBB regime approved of and sponsored him. As the election approached 3 big Emirs visited MKO. He entertained them lavishly and gave them presents. Before they left the emirs told him they had come for assurances as to the assistance he could give them by lifting oil ( meaning in the sale of petroleum). MKO told them off straightway. He told them that he could not help them. " But we've been getting private money from oil. What are you going to do about that? How do you mean MKO asked. The Emirs said " well how about revenue allocation?"
"That's nonsense, why should this country rob some people supposed to be its own people and give the money to another tribe:, why? I'm sure you have children, will you rob one and give rhe money to the others? "Abiola asked them.
"Is that what you think of Revenue Allocation? Isn't it our right " the Emirs asked.
"I think its wrong, no country does a thing like that Abiola raged.
"So you don't support even Revenue Allocation how about lifting or selling oil," one of the Emirs asked.
I'm sorry, I have never supported it,it is wrong under Islam and it is wrong under Christian principles, no country does it, I will direct industries to the North, so your sons and daughters will work to maintain you " " Is that not more godly than robbing people in the Niger Delta of their god given resources?
They left him immediately and reported to Abacha the same day. The time was 7pm in the evening, Abacha jumped into his car, "to Babangida " he ordered his driver. IBB was convinced something must be done. Abacha told him the election must be stopped. "There's no other way, how do you think you can do it Babangida asked Abacha. Leave it to me, I'll do it, the election will be god-given then we will find a way out.
All About Nigeria, a Monster created by Great Britain, Aliyi Ekineh
The same Emirs and other Arewa men are today almost 30 years later still making decisions in the colonial enterprise called Nigeria. Its not it'sArewa's fault, its the fools called elders who have forgotten.
May Nigeria never happen to us again.
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