February 12, 2022

The Northern Imams and Alhajis who had met at the famous mosque met again.

The Alhaji from Zaria gave a long speech which ended with " I' m so happy to read that Obasanjo is against Abiola. This is what we have been telling our people, these people are not like us. They are never united, they're always at loggerheads among themselves. A great many of them are supporting Abiola because they think he will be President... But as soon as they know that to be impossible, they will shift their loyalty and support our man. I was in Lagos for 8 years and I know them very well." There was laughter which everyone enjoyed. How can you trust someone who betrays his own people?
Christian news As the laughter continued 78 yrs old Alhaji Gombe Jirohgol began to speak ""But I read what Obasanjo said, he said Abiola is not the Messiah, the term Messiah shows him up, after all, we have done for him he still talks like a Christian. Many supported him but one Imam said "the fact that Obasanjo is a Christian is good propaganda for us, those who accuse us of being anti Christian will stop "
The Imam said they would need to meet again "at that meeting you will hear the anti-Christian news that will gladden all of you ". "Give us a hint," someone asked, he did not give a hint just smiled.
More than 3 weeks later the news of Abiola's death was announced. Those who had organized, earlier meetings were not surprised.
"Now the way is clear" some Northern politicians said to one another as they rejoiced.
Throughout the South the news shocked millions, particularly in the Yoruba area.
"If this Obasanjo trick works well for them in the North, the fear is that they will recruit several more Obasanjos all over the Southern communities warned a Yoruba leader. "But such Obasanjos will be seen as traitors and Judases" though it will help them to continue their robbery of the resources of the South" responded Chukwu Oringa.
All about Nigeria, A monster created by Great Britain by Aliyi Ekineh
These conversations continue today in Arewaland, the difference is history will not repeat itself.
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