February 09, 2022

Wahala! Wife Fights Husband’s Side Chic After They Both Showed Up At The Hospital To See Him.

A fight broke out between a man’s wife and his side chic at the hospital where he was under admission for an undisclosed ailment., According to reports, the man had been hospitalized and his wife paid him a visit, when the side chic unaware that the wife was still at the hospital, decided to also visit him. Moments after the mistress arrived, the married woman engaged her in a serious fight after realizing she is the side chic. They wrestled themselves to the ground right in the same room and the man was forced to get down from his sickbed to separate them. Meanwhile A lady alleged to be the baby mama of singer Portable has taken to TikTok to share their loved-up videos. In one of the videos  she shared, Portable was heard calling her “my woman”. Also sharing a video of the singer carrying a baby, she captioned the video “like father like son, my joy giver okikilola me”. ,Some of the songs attached to the videos also suggested they are in a romantic relationship.
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