March 06, 2022

“Our Cultures Are Different” – Actress, Amanda Ebeye Tells Moyo Lawal on her “Preggy Inspiration” From Rihanna’s Dressing When Pregnant

Moyo Lawal has disclosed how she will be dressed when she’s pregnant. The thespian admitted in an Instagram post that she will be dressed liked Rihanna except that she would wear tight to cover up her thighs. According to the popular Nollywood actress, she will rock whatever she wants to have gone “through this plenty work that is pregnancy”. Sharing a photo of Rihanna’s outfit, she wrote;
“This can not be a Nigerian but see how s**y and good she looks …. Preggy inspiration….. p.s I will decide to go through this plenty work that is pregnancy then society will not allow me to wear what I like? If I hear…..I will rock this with tights though because my thighs are fat” Amanda Ebeye saw the post that her colleague had shared and reacted accordingly in the comment section. She wrote: “No it cannot because our cultures are different. The way she cannot be a Nigerian, we are not from Barbados too. ”
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