November 06, 2022

The Nigeria system has normalised madness - Olatunde Ayinla

The recent departure by internationals from Abuja reminded me of Cornflakes for Jihad released in October 2021.
We forget too quickly, instead of taking the warnings seriously our political merchants are heading to elections that will renew the life of the union of death.
David Hundeyin's Cornflakes for Jihad:
The Boko Haram Origin Story has successfully created dotted lines, leaving the Southerners at large to link them.
Those that criticized the article have only done so either from their ethnic poles or, from their religious affiliations and no substantial evidence has been brought to counter the allegations. This writer does not care about the loopholes and the fallibility of the author. Hundeyin's exposé clearly established with pieces of evidence the following:

1) The late Ahmed Idris Nasreddin was designated by the United Nations and the United States as a major financier of terrorism around the world, including Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda, Afghanistan's Taliban and Algeria's Groupe Salafiste pour la prédication et le Combat (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat) GSPC for short.

2) This same GSPC that Nasreddin was funding has been found by the Nigerian government themselves to have connections and trained Boko Haram militants. A certain Sheikh Yakubu Musa Katsina (Kafachan) & one Alh. Shahru Haruna was identified and arrested by the Nigerian government in connection with the affairs of GSPC. These two were not only released by the Nigerian government, they have in recent times been spotted at important events with members of the Buhari administration including northern governors, Isa Pantami and the President himself.
It's still not clear?

3)These aforementioned Northern elites are founding members of the "Izala Movement" whose founder was one Sheikh Ismaila Idris who was a student of Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, an Islamic Scholar and a Wahhabist (Google Wahhabism) little wonder, his son, Abubakar Gumi has earned notoriety for being the spokesperson of bandits and killer herdsmen?
I hope you are drawing the lines?

4) Sheikh Kafachan and Alh Haruna are now the face of Islam in the North, Kafachan was even decorated by a Jordanian NGO, The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre as one of the world's 500 most influential Muslims. Interestingly, this NGO has a 2012 publication on its website offering grazing routes as one of the panaceas for the herdsmen/farmers crisis. As at 2012 oo, when grazing routes have not even become a national topic. The NGO already knows about it. Alh. Haruna on the other hand is one of the giant Bureau de Change operators in the country giving him access to enough funds.

5) This Izala Movement also happens to have in her membership one Aminu Daurawa ( who had once publicly and famously praised the 9/11 attack in which over 2000 innocent people were killed), coincidentally, he was the inaugural chairman of Kano's infamous Hisbah police.

6) There have also been attempts by the Nigerian government to freeze Nasreddin's NASCO assets on the suspicion that the billionaire was "moving money around the world to fund Islamist terror organisation", a move by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU).

In the words of the late dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha - "Any insurgency that lasts more than 24 hours, a government official has a hand in it" Hundeyin has done some "Pulitzer" investigative journalism and he deserves all the accolades. Those who are grappling to find the connection between NASCO and Boko Haram should not "spit on us and call it to rain".

Jihadists mission to Islamise Nigeria and the world is impossible, clearly irrational and unthinkable. Unfortunately, those on the receiving end of their imbecility are their "brothers and sisters in the faith", a recent example is the disturbing events that happened in Afghanistan. 
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