Foremost clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman has dragged actress, Halima Abubakar to court for N1billion. it was learnt that the clergyman had filed a lawsuit against the ailing actress over defamation. Recall that last year, Halima made headlines for weeks when she accused Apostle Suleman of having an affair with her. The actress and her family also claimed that the pastor had inflicted her with sickness, as the once bubbling Halima has become a shadow of herself. Reacting to her several allegations, Apostle Suleman filed a lawsuit against Halima for defamation of his character.
The suit titled “DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS CONCERNING APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN: NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST” was explicitly addressed to Halima Abubakar over her recent outburst on social media regarding her past affairs with the man of God.
The suit accused Halima Abubakar of publishing damaging, malicious and defamatory statements about Apostle Suleman against his conduct. The ailing actress was also asked to make a retracting statement in some selected National Newspapers.
Apostle Johnson's court battle with Halima
Going forward with his lawsuit, Kemi Filani learnt that the founder of Omega Fire Ministry is demanding billions in compensation from the actress.
According to reports, the court case comes up 25th of March, 2023.
Halima hits back at Suleman
We are sure that Halima Abubakar isn’t afraid of the suit and the ridiculous amount he demands as she had earlier stated that she was ready for him.
“JS Sure see you at the court”.
Halima Abubakar and Suleman affair
it was reported that Halima had Suleman over their decade-old relationship.
The Kogi-state actress had opened a can of worms about their affair which she claimed happened 11 years ago. Halima revealed that the clergyman had engaged her, held a wedding introduction with her and even owed her two kids. To top it off, Halima’s family accused the clergyman of being a fetish, claiming he had bedridden the actress. Currently, Halima is indisposed and under the care of her family and loved ones.