November 15, 2023

“You made me cry” Helen Paul Tatafo brings many to tears as she narrates her life story

Famous Nigerian stand-up comedian Helen Paul popularly known as Tatafo has brought many to tears when she narrated her life story. The beautiful actress shared this video on her Instagram page where she spoke about feeling rejected and making rejection a power force. Helen Paul revealed that she was stigmatized because her mother birthed her as a result of rape. She disclosed how her aunties severely reminded her that she has bad blood and that none of her grandmother’s stipends should be spent on her. Tatafo narrated how she was christened Helen and how an unknown man gave his name to her because her relatives believed she was a stain to their family.
Helen Paul urged her fans to press on and not be brought down by the stigma from close ones, stating she has moved from a comedian to a professor in the United States. “Never feel rejected believe it to be your power force. From a comedian in Nigeria to a professor in the USA.What a story! Please be alive to tell your story too. All things will work out.” it was all joy and happiness for Helen Paul when she officially became a professor.
The comedian would now be addressed as Professor Paul Helen.
To add to her feat, the actress was appointed as the news HOD Department of Arts, Music, and Entertainment at Heart International University USA. Her husband, Femi Bamisele also bagged a Doctorate degree in law. Announcing the good news, Helen Paul appreciated her husband, the school management, and all her loved ones.
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