April 06, 2024

Dele Momodu sends a message to those asking him for assistance in this 'difficult moment'


Dele Momodu has taken to his social media platforms to leave a message to those asking him for help. The publisher/politician explained his position at the moment and made it clear that he is not currently in a position to offer much help. He wrote: "SINCERE APOLOGIES… It has become necessary for me to offer apologies to those who have asked me for one support or the other in recent times for my inability to help. "God is my witness, I’m currently overwhelmed by my own projects that require absolute discipline and focus. I pray that God will help me to be able to bless those who genuinely need help. “If I have not picked up your call, it is because I feel too pained to say NO to you. It is a sign of my respect for you, and not of disdain. I’m a man of modest income and I always try not to overstretch my luck. I wish for your kind understanding at this difficult moment…”
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