May 05, 2024

Greed, corruption are greater sins than homosexuality, gambling – Sanusi

The 14th Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has stated that actions driven by greed, selfishness, and envy are more shocking sins than those traditionally considered taboo, such as unlawful sex, homosexuality, and gambling.The former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) shared this opinion while delivering a Ramadan lecture virtually on Sunday, April 7. Making reference on how politicians who claim to be religious, loot their state treasuries while in office, Sanusi said;
“On Social order and Ibadah, you know when our hearts are not good, our deeds will not be good. We say we are Muslims, we go to the mosque and pray and Allah says prayer stops evil deeds and wrong deeds. Why is it that we go to pray all the time, we fast all the time and then we are committing this evil?
How do you get a Muslim to become a minister or governor and all he is thinking of is how he is going to steal public funds to build a big house for himself or have billions for his children and deny people?
When you know what the prophet has said about leadership. It is a trust and on the day of judgment, it would be a source of bitterness sadness, and regret, for those who do not keep that trust properly.
When you sit down and know that you are going to account to Allah for this wealth, you are going to answer for it, how do you get to that office and steal public funds? This is why you have a social disorder. We even have had state governors who said they were practising sharia, they were leading the implementation of sharia and they were stealing money and buying hotels.
There was a governor implementing sharia in a sharia state who stole public funds and bought a hotel in Lagos. And he says Allahu Akbar. Meanwhile, his state was left with no education, with no health care, with one of the most serious cases of security, most serious examples of backwardness. How do you explain that you have this external religiosity and then you have so much injustice? And that’s why I say the obligations of the heart are far more important than those of the body.
Greed, selfishness, wickedness, envy. These are much greater sins than zina (illegal sexual intercourse), homosexuality, and gambling. The sins of the heart are greater than the sins of the body. We are focused so much on the external things. The purity of our hearts, the love for humanity, the fear of Allah, the knowledge that we are accountable to Allah, all of that is missing. What is obligatory on the heart is greater than what is obligatory on the external because this is what Allah works with.”
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