January 07, 2020

10 Bizarre Shoes You Won`t Believe People Actually Wear

Discover some of the most bizarre shoes that many people are crazy enough to wear out in public. Could you go out wearing any of these footwear?
1. Hoof Heels
The perfect footwear for girls that love horsing around. These horse boots are made from genuine horse fur, an actual intact hoof and the heel is a real horse bone.
2. Teeth Shoes
British footwear company Oxford shoes wanted to draw attention to their brand so they created these freaky shoes. Multiple pairs of designer shoes were picked out and fitted with real teeth in the soles.Not quite sure where they managed to find all those teeth. Maybe they did a deal with the tooth-fairy.
3. Feet For Your Feet
Wouldn’t it be fun to fool people with these bizarre shoes? They are not gonna be able to stop looking and wondering if they are your real feet or a strange pair of sneakers.
4. Madonna Style Shoes
Give your feet some class with these madonna themed shoes.
5. Glass Slipper
This slipper might not look very comfortable to wear but it sure is stunning. Also handy for girls who might need a mirror to keep making sure they look beautiful.Did you know that men were the first to wear high heels? It was a necessity to have for riding horses because it helped to stay in the stirrups. But somewhere over the years, the trend has swapped genders.
6. Sticky Gum Heel Shoe
These bizarre shoes are the work of designer and artist Kobi Levi. They are one of my favourite on the list and probably the most practical to wear.
7. Chicken Leg Heels
You may be surprised to learn that these bizarre shoes are actually part of a uniform in a fast-food restaurant. We are gonna let you guess which one.
8. Snake Skin Boots
You may have seen people wearing snakeskin boots but have you ever seen anybody wearing boots with actual cobras on the front? We can’t decide if it's creepy or cool, what do you think?
9. Denim Sandals
If you fancy a pair of sandals that look like pants then look no further. These denim sandals are called Jeans Sandal Boots and are handmade by artist DaniKshoes. They are made from old jeans and cost around $125. Did we mention they also have fully functioning pockets?
10. High Heel Flippers
Ok so these flippers may not be for everyday use but we thought they deserved a mention. After all who doesn’t want to look stylish when they go to the beach.