January 19, 2020

ChioDavi Drama:Confirm! Chioma Sleeping With Peruzzi, They Are Not Cousins-Insider

The battle between Peruzzi, Davido and King Patrick has taken a very sad dimension following the latest revelations. Peruzzi's former boss, King Patrick has made a damning allegation against the musician, claiming that Peruzzi and Chioma Avril are not cousins as many people had been made to believe. The revelation came as King Patrick, Peruzzi and Davido fight dirty on social media over alleged contract breach. King Patrick, a record label owner who some time ago signed singer, Peruzzi accused him of making an escape route from his label without legal authorization to sign for Davido's DMW label. However, Peruzzi has insisted that he got Patrick's blessings and that he was even in Dubai when he signed the contract with Davido.
Patrick, on the other hand, said that he was in Dubai during the contract signing, but refused to append his signature. Well, the fight between the trio has gotten messier as they go back and forth. King Patrick accused Peruzzi of lying against him. He said he never gave Peruzzi authorization to sign for Davido's record label and insisted that he never signed any contract with Davido. An angry Davido took to his Twitter page to accuse King Patrick of being a crackhead who is depressed and urged him to get help even though he never specifically mentioned his name.
Davido attacked Patrick on Twitter, saying: 
"If you're feeling depressed, remember that you're not alone. God is with you always. Don't be afraid to reach out to people in your family, your church, or your friend circles. Ask them to pray with you and not give u drugs! Hope u feel better bro 😂 Crackhead!"
Reacting to the insult, King Patrick decided to divulge a secret that has been holed up in his heart. Hitting Davido below the belt without mentioning his name too, he claimed that Peruzzi and Chioma are not cousins, but lovers/side chic and that she was pimped to Davido for the money.
"If you're Feeling stupid and you're out there popping babies and giving girls STDs, don't be sad, reach out to loved ones and get advice from your Huncho on how to fuck his Side Chick and pimp her out to you as his cousin... Let's be guided pls. Incest is a Sin... 🐸"
It seems like the revelation caused a serious dent to the musician's relationship with Chioma which saw the duo dramatically unfollow each other on social media yesterday.
King Patrick's latest revelation points to a report by Kemi Olunloyo who had in the past alleged that Chioma had been sleeping around with some industry personalities. In fact, Kemi Olunloyo even released evidence showing a tweet in which Davido's Director of Corporate Sponsorship King Spesh of DMW revealed that Chioma had been sleeping around with different men and that Peruzzi knew about it.
"Davido was dumped by Chioma Rowland in October 2018. I reported it first followed by thecableng. He cursed me out for doing my job, another woman came forward reporting his deadbeat father status to me, he sexually harassed another woman last week then apologized. Now his own Director of Corporate Sponsorship King Spesh of DMW says Chioma is having sex with multiple men “them they fuck Chioma” whenever she comes to London and claims another artist in the label Peruzzi “knows it all”. Is Peruzzi among them? Poor Davido."
The revelation by King Patrick has added impetus to Kemi's report earlier which many people had waved aside as another industry gossip. It is now obvious that there is an element of truth in her report. With the drama happening between Davido and Chioma at the moment, the coast is far from being clear. King Patrick's revelation might be a shocking secret only Davido was not aware because most of his crew members knew the woman's past according to the King Spesh's chat.I believe the drama is just starting because more revelations about Peruzzi and Chioma might become public property if King Patrick is pushed further. It seems like he has many missiles in his arsenal to confront Peruzzi and Davido which might be lethal to the duo's public perception. There seems to be something Chioma and Peruzzi are hiding which will definitely come to light soon.
We die here. More drama loading...
Alexander Thandi Ubani
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