January 18, 2020

Fans say ‘Marlians no dey graduate’yet Naira Marley is a graduate with B.A & Msc!

A Nigerian lady on social media has advised fans of Naira Marley, popularly referred to as Marlians’, to be wise with their life decisions as they are not emulating the right aspect of their favourite artiste’s life. The lady said that it is foolish for Marlians to keep repeating the motto ‘Marlians no dey graduate’ to indicate that they don’t value education or a degree, whereas the propounder of the saying graduated from a UK university and has a Masters. She made the statement on Twitter where she pointed out that Naira Marley whose real name is Azeez Fashola is a graduate of Peckham Academy in the UK where he bagged a distinction in business. Her tweet reads; “Do you know Naira Marley is a graduate of Peckham Academy in the UK where he graduated with a distinction in business, The shocking aspect of his biography is that he is a Master’s Degree holder!!! And you are there shouting marlins don’t graduate, I pity you”.

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