January 12, 2020

I used to be shy of my body – Curvaceous actress, Biodun Okeowo reveals

Curvaceous Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo, popularly known in Nollywood as Omoborty, is a beautiful beautiful and endowed celebrity for never having honoured the film industry in Nigeria. However, the light-skinned voluptuous role interpreter, who has an impressive fan base on Instagram, shared her long internal battles over her assets. According to the worldly looking sensual. she was once shy about showing off her body until social media helped her gain confidence. In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actress said:
“About six years ago, I was afraid of my shape. I was always aware of my way of walking because of my hindquarters.
“Sometimes I had to wear two tights under everything I put on just because I didn’t want my hindquarters to shake. But the advent of social media has boosted my confidence. I started to see people boldly showing their curves.
“I also learned to work on my form through this medium. Then I regretted my shape but now I’m so proud of it. I look in the mirror and thank God and my mother for that.
“The actress, who is also a beauty entrepreneur, said her business is now taking 90% of her time because it makes more money than playing. She said,” I do two jobs that require attention. One brings money and the other brings glory. I have to devote around 90% of my time to my business so that it develops and follows things myself.
“It affected my participation in the film industry. But some customers patronize me because they are my fans, so if I am not present, I risk losing. The film does not run away. I’m not one to want to rule forever. I just want to do what I want to do and make an impact.
“On the career side, I think my physique helped me. I remember that last year when I was on set someone said that I was no longer active as an actress because of my commercial commitments.
The person also said that without my form, he would not have called me. I was shocked by these casual words. But in Nigeria, you have to be there, otherwise, his business would be mismanaged. The actress, who has two children, also said that she takes her children into account in everything she does and tries to avoid scandals.She added,“What shakes your boat may not tip mine. I think this is just the case with “as you get older there are things you would never want to do no matter how trendy or good they are.“I will not tell you what I am not, but I wear whatever I find comfortable until my children object. Like the outfit I used for my birthday sessions, I sent it to my son in Canada for his opinion and he approved it; even his sister too.“It’s not like I’m looking for validation for my children, but I put them into consideration first. I don’t want them to read things that would make them sad or upset. I think there was a time when I had a problem with someone and it was a bit complicated. My son told me that I should have kept quiet and did not respond. It’s not that I don’t want people to talk about me. I am cautious in everything I do because of my image. “