January 06, 2020

Stay away from women this 2020 – COZA senior pastor, Wale Jana warns Biodun Fatoyinbo

Popular Nigerian pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, the founder of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly aka COZA gas been called out by one of the senior pastors of the church, Adewale Adejana. Wale Jana took to his Instagram page to deliver a sermon that seemed to be targeted at Fatoyinbo. He alleged that COZA pastor is a randy man of God who does not know how to stop chasing after women in his church. Wale advised Fatoyinbo to know his weaknesses and tackle them this new year. He further alleged that the pastor’s controversies wont stop if he does not stop womanizing. 
Read his full post below:I am sharing something very deep this morning and if you get it, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of life. What is your poison? Do you know your poison? God told Adam “eat from everything but the day you eat from this particular tree you will die.” God told Samson “ the day your hair is shaved is the day you will lose your power”. God told Solomon “the day you let your wives turn your heart from Me the Living God is the day your decline begins” God told Joshua “don’t touch anything in Jericho” but someone did and they lost the next battle!
You have to know your poison! The fact that other people sleep around and get away with it doesn’t mean you will get away with it if you try.
I am surrounded by over 1000 women very hot beautiful women but they are forbidden fruit to me because I know my poison. For some of you, it could be dishonouring a particular person. God told Oral Roberts “don’t touch the gold or the glory”
If you don’t know your poison you to need to go back and ask God to tell you what that thing you must not do is, some of you are fighting battles you don’t understand because in your ignorance you have messed with poison!
Don’t start this year without knowing what your poison is and may God open your eyes in Jesus name.
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