January 31, 2020

VIDEO: Late Actress Aisha Abimbola’s Son Speaks On Being Maltreated By Lola Alao

Hours after child abuse allegation against Nollywood actress, Lola Alao broke the internet, Late Aisha Abimbola’s son has spoken out and refuted the claims that the actress, Lola Alao has been maltreating them. This he revealed in a live video with actress Iyabo Ojo.

“…I am fine ma…Mummy bought me a phone…ma, can I talk to all the people talking bad about my mummy cos it is not true….”
Iyabo Ojo cuts in “No, you don’t need to, you are too young to join in this live video, if I had known you were the one, I wouldn’t have picked….you owe no one any explanations….how are you? Are you happy? Is your sister happy?”“Yes, ma, I am happy…my sister is happy, we are happy, see her playing there” the young boy responds.

Also defending her friend, Iyabo Ojo said:
“‘When I was in Canada, I spent 10days, I saw how Aunty Lola took care of him. The boy even promised to buy her foster mum ‘Aunt Lola’ a house in future’.
Imagine if he’s been maltreated would he have said such? There was a time she left everything she was doing to attend to her daughter for three months after undergoing brain surgery. How many of you can do that for a child that is not yours?…she doesn’t even beat them”
Responding to accusations that she makes them trek to the school Lola Alao who later joined in the live chat said “umgbo sweetheart, how many minutes is to our school…do you allow me to take me to school….“
Lase responds “2 minutes…..No I don’t“
Then Lola places a curse in Yoruba language saying “If indeed I maltreat those children, let it not be well with me”
Watch the video of the conversation below: