January 05, 2020

Want to be a Marlian?-10 Easy Ways On How To Become one (No 10 Are The Real Marlians)

Arguably Marlians groups are presently the biggest and most famous groups in Nigeria. Many are Marlain but don’t even know the real characteristic of a Marlian. Below are some Characteristic of a verified Marlians, if you don’t do any of these things, you are not a real Marlian
1. Crazy Hairstyle: You can never see a Marlian in a cooperate dress, they are the one that always looks rough with a crazy hairstyle.
2. Alcohol Addicted: 
Whether you call yourself a Marlian or not, so far you can’t do without taking alcohol in a day, you are automatically a Marlians.
3. No Belt Gang:
This is the first rule set by the Marlians Boss, Naira Marley. Remember one of his lyrics that says: Zero belt, thousand trousers, which simply means Marlians don’t use belt.
4. Zero Manner: 
This is one of the famous ways to identify a Marlian, Manners are far from them, they fear nothing which results in another way to know a Marlian (MAFO)
5. Don’t Fear Anything (MAFO)
Lol! you would have heard about 44-4 right? O fo ti(Zero fear). Marlians don’t fear anything, even death.
6. Drug Addicted: 
This is the bad side of them, these are the ultimate Marlians, doing drug is not okay. you can be a Marlian without doing drug, but they are also classified as a marlians.
7. Masturbators: 
If you are doing this, you are automatically a Marlian. Remember the popular soapy jam? SEE HERE! This is where the masturbation rules came from.
8. Weed Addicted: 
The C.E.O of Marlians sometimes is occasionally quoted as Igbolabi (Born to Smoke Weed), which makes you a Marlian If you smoke Weed too.
9. No Educational Success: 
This is people’s popular opinion about Marlians, since we all know/believe Marlians don’t have any good character, they are also expected not to graduate from thier various Institution.
10. Those Who Love Naira Marley’s Music:
To round these up, it’s important to know that you don’t have to be a bad boy/girl to be a Marlian, if you love Naira Marley and his music, you can also call yourself a Marlian. You don’t Necessary have to do drug, smoke weed, be alcohol addicted to be called a Marlian.