February 15, 2020

As ‘Aluwo’ Of Iwoland Punches Agbowu’s Face, Who Will Console The People Of Ogbaagba?

If toddlers fight, elders settle. Whenever there is a conflict in any town, both parties would be chorused “let us go to the palace”. If politicians fight and they are from the same town, elders of the town would be chorused “let us go to the palace”. If young people fight to finish in any town; elders call them “bastards” and refer them to the palace for settlement.
Now people responsible for conflict settlement in towns and villages “kings” fought, a first-class king punched the face of another traditional ruler inside the office of a top law enforcement officer in Osun State. I am ashamed as a citizen of the state and as a Yoruba boy. The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi allegedly punched Oba Dikrullahi, the Agbowu of Ogbaagba and the peace meeting ended in chaos. Politicians and police officers these kings receive their prostrations were now running helter-shelter to resolve the issue. Kabiyesi, e ni suuru now. E ma fi ese yoo ikeji yin leyin? Police station le wa o. A ma ti yin mole ti ileke and nobody will bail you. Where are the class and royalty? These elements have proven to us that kings are not special people. That only the royal family could sit on the royal throne is a fraud. In an open election, Oluwo can not emerge as a king in Iwoland and the gods/oracle are wiser than human yet they said that he was picked by the gods/Oracle. Can the gods appoint someone who would continuously disgrace them as their spokesperson? Oops..Oluwo has once boasted that he is mightier than the gods; they are smaller.
Oluwo is not a thug. It would be difficult for a thug to slap another thug in the presence of Assistant Inspector General of Police and government officials. People say that he is something worse but I don’t know what he is. Why don’t we put an end to this deceit and allow people to contest freely in an open election for kingship titles since the people gods allegedly appoint for us are sometimes worse or less than the human decision at times?
Although people create emergency royal houses already or make claims to royal families and we have them on royal seats already? Why don’t we appeal to the government to create traditional electoral body and allow people to contest for kingship titles? Villagers will vote and if any Kabiyesi fumbles, they will remove him at the next poll and most importantly, they will know that it’s their fault not that of gods. Now that Oluwo has punched the face of Afiyesi Ogbaagba, Tani yoo sipe fun awon ara ilu ogbaagba. If Oluwo is not sanctioned or top principals in government he’s loyal to finally rescue him, please do not get angry if I don’t prostrate for some politicians we install as kings again.
May God console the people of Ogbaagba.
NB: The writer intentionally changed the headline to Aluwo because of its meaning and best fits in the situation.